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Hosted Virtual Servers

Overview of Hosted Virtual Servers from dinCloud

dinServer is a hosted virtual server offering from dinCloud. The service starts with providing customers a virtual private data center. This means that customers have an encapsulated environment with their own firewall, private virtual servers, private virtual network, and private storage (powered by NetApp). This coupled with our ability to establish private links to customers’ existing data centers provides customers with security.

The private virtual data center includes all the components you would have to build if you were to create your data center. Co-managed services from dinCloud allow you to exert as much control as you want over your hosted virtual servers. dinCloud is also right by your side for implementation, installation, and migration services.

How Hosted Virtual Servers Work

Once your private virtual data center is set up, you can start building out servers for business applications, legacy applications with complete control. Our cloud orchestration and provisioning tool, dinManage, gives you complete control to configure, upgrade, downgrade, add or remove servers and also have command line level access to your servers.

Hosted Virtual Server Diagram

Benefits of dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers

  •  Control Your Cloud Environment
  •  Accelerate Time to Market
  •  Enhanced Security at Multiple Levels

With dinServer (hosted virtual servers) customers can:

  •  rapidly migrate their infrastructure to the cloud
  •  spin-up or spin-down servers on the fly
  •  modify configurations including memory, storage, and compute power
  •  connect and manage their environment via the web or through web-services
  •  integrate with Microsoft Active Directory
  •  directly administer servers with command line access

If you would like to analyze the TCO of going to a host server service, please contact our Cloud Specialists. dinServer is available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

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