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Desktop Virtualization with Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops

The evolution of the workspace is here.

dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) from dinCloud offer several benefits. These include cost savings and an increase in control, security, agility and productivity.

How Hosted Virtual Desktops from dinCloud Work

dinCloud hosted virtual desktops are run from a private virtual data center. Employees or contractors can login from a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device and have access to the same workspace regardless of what device they are using. Control over the hosted virtual desktop is in your hands. dinManage is a cloud orchestration and management platform that lets you add, change, or remove virtual desktops real-time.

How hosted virtual desktops work

To the end-user, the desktop looks and functions just as their normal desktop would.

What’s Included in Hosted Virtual Desktops from dinCloud

dinCloud hosted virtual desktops are provided as a subscription service that includes a private virtual data center and co-managed services.

HVD Subscription Detials

The virtual data center includes all the components you would have to build if you were to create your own virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Co-managed services from dinCloud allow you to exert as much control as you want over your hosted virtual desktops.

Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktop

  •  Great experience even with low bandwidth
  •  Access from multiple devices
  •  Enable user access to critical business applications
  •  Enhanced business continuity and security features
  •  Save time and money

Why dinCloud for Hosted Virtual Desktops

dinCloud spent over 18 months perfecting the hosted virtual desktop technology, working with countless vendors of hardware and software until we were satisfied as an end-user of the technology. Read more here about why dinCloud.
We encourage you to continue to browse our website to learn more about hosted virtual desktops or business provisioning in general. And we’d be delighted to speak with you over the phone or correspond via email. Reach out to us.