Managing the Empowered UserChanges in the mid-market industry have led to a greater demand for a cloud-based IT strategy that can change the nature of business infrastructure, accelerate the pace of change in business, and expand the scope of IT.

In this white paper, Techaisle’s research explores hosted and virtual workspaces, and reveals the role of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS). This white paper addresses key management issues associated with support for mobility, and offers solutions by providing guidance on a hosted workspace strategy.

Managing the Empowered User

  • Tips on how to deal with mobility challenges
  • How to achieve 183% growth in hosted workspaces
  • Advantages of Hosted Workspaces
  • Key factors in understanding VDI and DaaS trends
  • High priority IT and business issues
  • Quicker and more efficient ways to prioritize workloads and capabilities

After reviewing this white paper, you will be able to address key challenges through a hosted workspace strategy.