Larry & Associates was forming a new partnership with 15 partners as a litigation boutique practice.  Larry was in charge of the launch and had gone through the entire infrastructure checklist himself:

  • secured office space in a modern facility,
  • setup VOIP unified communications (UCaaS),
  • signed up for Microsoft Office 365 and ActionStep from LexisNexis
  • researched and identified computer equipment, printers, scanners etc.

Law Firms Turn to a Complete, Turnkey Cloud Service for Security - A Use Case

He just had one more decision to make. When looking for solutions to enable their attorneys to access their work files on the fly and still remain secure, Larry considered several options. An on-premises based infrastructure like his previous firm had utilized was unobtainable due to the high up-front investment needed for servers, software and connectivity services.

Larry and his team knew that ransomware and hacker attacks are on the rise, and law firms are a prime target. And especially thanks to the nature of the data law firms work with, attacks can be particularly devastating. With statistics from publications like CIO reporting that in 2016, 40% of law firms who were breached did not even know about it, Larry knew he had to be proactive on securing his clients’ sensitive data.

Added to the challenge is the skyrocketing cost of cybersecurity.  Larry and his partners did not have the option of hiring in-house teams to manage their cybersecurity needs, so they have to rely on consumer solutions.  His firm, as do many law firms, fell into a variety of different compliance challenges. From ABA Model Rule 1.1 to HIPPA, from corporate law to real estate law, firms frequently store information from financials to social security numbers and medical records, making them a desirable target. Larry knew that consumer-grade solutions are not equipped to handle the very real and serious cybersecurity threats law firms face.

But then Larry found an option called DaaS, Desktop-as-a-Service. Larry was able to configure a cloud-hosted desktop for each of his partners that could be accessed by virtually any device – and they didn’t have to connect to a VPN or be on the office network to access data. Client files were stored in the cloud, decreasing the risk of loss by theft of the device or hardware failure.

How did they do it?

Larry & Associates turned to dinCloud, the #1 brand in DaaS and virtual desktop innovator that has been around since 2011. Larry saw that dinCloud understands the challenges law firms are up against and has built solutions specifically designed to mitigate these risks including encryption, multi-factor authentication and additional layers of cyber-security.

Because of these built-in security enhancements, and remote monitoring solutions, over a dozen law firms use dinCloud’s virtual desktop (DaaS).  We believe that all firms should have access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions, regardless of the size. Visit our Cloud for Legal page and learn more about how your firm can decrease IT costs while increasing security.

The dinCloud service for law firms can be customized. A typical bundle includes:

  • A virtual desktop for every user
  • Virtual servers, file-sharing drives and print-server setup
  • Network and firewall protection
  • Backup and data protection
  • Malware and ransomware protection
  • Managed services for monitoring and security protection