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Securing Your Journey
Into the Cloud

Start your journey to digital transformation and drive a revolutionary change
in your workforce with dincloud’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.


Today’s IT and business trends around BYOD, mobility, and efficiency have led us to develop dinCloud’s Hosted Workspaces, which allow you to easily provision your resources in the cloud from multiple endpoints, including Windows, Chrome, HTML5, Android, Mac, and Linux. Read about Cloud Hosted Desktop in details here.


With the workforce’s growing trend towards a mobility, businesses are looking to a cloud infrastructure as a solution to the rising demand for ease of use and convenience. Cloud infrastructure enables users to create their own IT infrastructure, and configure it to their preferences.

Companies Choose dinCloud
Because We Offer

What our Clients Say

“During the POC stage, dinCloud’s team produced, made changes, and provisioned desktops on the spot, allowing us to see the speed at which they could help us onboard our new employees,”

“We really don’t have the internal expertise or capabilities to focus on security as effectively as we would like, however, with the cloud-based solution, we now have much better protection in place,”

Monica Stenmo, Sierra Group

“Over the years, dinCloud has consistently provided its customer base with a robust set of security capabilities. Through the new dinDNS service, dinCloud aims to differentiate itself from the competition with another important and affordable way to ensure that a customer’s cloud environment is highly secure”.

Karin Kelley, Structure Research


Security Is Our Priority

Choose a cloud service provider that prioritizes your security. Secure cloud services from dinCloud include multiple layers of physical security and cyber-security.

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