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In response to the pandemic, enterprises had to conduct a major overhaul of their existing processes. This crisis made the digital transformation wheel spin so fast that goals spanning years were accomplished within weeks and months.

The direction in which digitalization of the modern enterprise has stared is ultimately leading towards the “Autonomous Digital Enterprise”. In broad terms, this is an enterprise that is driven by technologies such as ML, AI and automation.

Data generation, storage and manipulation are increasingly becoming a source of competitive edge. How effectively can an enterprise leverage data to its advantage will determine the competitiveness and growth of enterprises in the near future.

Operations will have to be designed around attributes such as flexibility and agility. If its one thing which this pandemic has taught the enterprises, it would be that they have been preparing for a different set of disruptive events up until now.

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) have assumed an entirely new meaning in the backdrop of Covid-19. Enterprises will have to leverage Machine Learning (ML) to extract valuable customer insights from the vast pool of raw data.

The insights unlocked with ML algorithms will ultimately help enterprises make timely and out of the box decisions via Artificial Intelligence (AI). The role of AI will further extend to the operations side, which will ultimately become smart AI driven Ops.

Instant scalability and flexibility of enterprise operations will become a major priority in the post pandemic era. This is an area where the role of Public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud will become more important than ever.

To enhance innovation, the modern enterprise will have to pivot towards enhanced automation. This move will automate the repetitive processes of the enterprises, thus freeing up time for human resources to focus on innovation and value creation.

Employee experience will be a very important aspect of the autonomous digital enterprise. In the new environment, employees will need seamless access to data and productivity tools, regardless of whether they are at the workplace or working from their homes.

All the above factors combined will ultimately result in a fully or partially Autonomous Digital Enterprise. It is imperative that enterprises brace for this inevitable change and adapt accordingly.

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