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A recent study conducted by cyber security company Bitglass has found that enterprises are not using the public cloud as securely as they should be. As per the report, a whopping 93% of respondents were not confident about secure use of the public cloud.

This by no means implies there are security gaps in the systems of public cloud providers. Instead, there is firstly a misperception about public cloud security that it’s the sole domain of your Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Security in the public cloud works under a “shared responsibility model” and only this arrangement can deliver the best results. Below are a few key insights related to public cloud security and the perceptions of respondents on the subject matter.

  • A mere 31% of respondent entities were using some sort of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system or software.
  • This is despite the fact that 66% of these respondents listed data loss as their primary security related concern in the public cloud.
  • 45% of the surveyed entities could not maintain the desired level of visibility into routine file downloads.
  • Similarly, half of the respondents were falling short of monitoring their file uploads and policy violations regarding DLP.
  • Nearly 55% of the surveyed entities did not have tabs on the external sharing of data in the cloud. This is a huge number given the level of present day cyber threats.

Reliance on Legacy Tools – A Limiting Factor

The survey also highlighted another key factor contributing to the security concerns around the public cloud, which was reliance on legacy cyber security tools. Here is a brief recap:-

  • 44% of the surveyed entities were relying on conventional firewalls, and even those were often improperly or loosely configured.
  • Network encryption was being used by 36% of the respondents, but this too was limited to data at rest. Now, encryption in transit is also becoming a major requirement.
  • Only 26% of the respondents were relying upon network monitoring, despite this being a key source of security related insights.

Interestingly, an overwhelming 82% of the respondents conceded that relying solely on the above legacy security tools was just not enough in the present cyber threat landscape. Now, you need intelligent and automated security tools for the best protection.

dinCloud Completes its Security Posture with Sophos

As a leading provider of Public Cloud Solutions, dinCloud has always attached top priority to cyber security. With this very goal in mind, dinCloud has integrated Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers into its public cloud offerings.

Being a world class cyber security tool, Sophos completes the already secure cyber security profile of dinCloud in the best way possible. With this leading solution, dinCloud users enjoy top notch security, right down to the endpoint devices of its valued users.

Contact dinCloud for fully secured and cost effective cloud solutions for your evolving needs.

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