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In the realm of gaming and high end gaming chips, Nvidia is now a household name. Interestingly, Nvidia can count itself among the few companies that have done tremendously well, despite the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Globally imposed lockdowns prompted computer users across the globe to resort to high end gaming, for which you need a decent gaming chip to get an immersive user experience. This resulted in a skyrocketing demand for Nvidia gaming chips.

As a result of this heightened demand, the company’s gaming chips mostly remained sold out on most online buying platforms. This already hot demand was further accelerated by the bulk demand arising from the various resellers of Nvidia products.

It was for this reason that even if certain resellers did have these high end Nvidia gaming chips in stock, they were considerably marked up from the company defined retailing prices. However, this did not deter gamers across the globe from buying these chips.

Nvidia gaming chips are really popular among the gaming community for their superior graphics quality and supporting really fast frame rates. However, gaming is not the only factor that has contributed to this heightened demand.

Interestingly, crypto currency miners also want to get their hands on these Nvidia gaming chips, but for entirely different reasons. What makes this even more interesting is that Nvidia is not at all happy with this demand source for its gaming chips.

So much so, the company is formally incorporating performance limiters within nearly eighty percent of its high end gaming chips, which prevent their use for crypto currency mining related activities by reducing efficiency.

Even going forward, the company has expressed its resolve to continue this practice, as it wants its gaming chips to be associated with superior gaming performance, rather than the otherwise shady practice of mining crypto currencies.

With this clear vision, the graphics goliath has been able to quadruple its profits this year. What makes this stellar performance even more interesting is that the company was able to pull this off amidst a global health, supply chain and logistical crisis.

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