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Businesses across the globe are gearing up for next year. For many businesses, this will be a “make or break” situation and to remain relevant as well as competitive in this new environment, businesses need to embrace digital technologies like the Cloud.

Research giant Gartner has made this otherwise daunting task a whole lot easier for businesses by outlining twelve of the top most strategic technology trends for the upcoming year 2022. We will be touching upon the top 3, in no particular order.

Many industry experts believe the year 2022 will be characterized by hyper innovation, which in turn will be made possible by adoption and seamless integration of digital technologies like Cloud Computing.

The foremost of the three strategic technology trends is data fabric. As the name suggests, this top strategic technology trend by Gartner de-couples the point of storage for data, and its point of use. It is all about providing the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

As the number of infrastructures and digital solutions increases, so does the need to seamlessly integrate the security of these disparate services into a cohesive whole. This security mesh will be based on solutions that are contextually aware.

The regulations and compliance requirements around the usage of personal data are getting tougher by the day. An effective remedy to this solution lies in the form of privacy enhancing computing.

What this privacy enhancing computing does is that it applies privacy protection techniques to any sensitive or personally identifiable data before formal use. This in turn will retain the relevance of data, without raising any concerns related to its privacy or security.

By incorporating these three strategic technology trends for the upcoming year 2022, business leaders will be in a position to rapidly innovate and scale, without raising any question marks regarding security or privacy of personal data.

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