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The first Monday of every September marks the Labor Day across USA and many other countries of the world. This day pays tribute to every valuable individual in the labor force who is playing a part in the country’s progress.

Labor Day also pays homage to the persistence and resolve of the labor force when they stood for their rights way back in the late 1800s. In that era, the labor force had to endure a 12 hour work shift, seven days a week.

In that time, labor unions were formed to raise voice for the rights of these workers. Another purpose of these movements was to improve the overall working conditions for the labor force in terms of safety and basic amenities.

Today, most of us enjoy excellent working environments and we owe a lot of this to the efforts of those people. To formally recognize the efforts of the labor force, the US Government declared Labor Day as a Federal Holiday in the year 1894.

Being celebrated on the first Monday of September, the Labor Day has acquired another cultural significance in America. This day also marks the unofficial end of summer season across USA. Labor Day is celebrated by parades and rallies across the country.

On this day, the management and employees of dinCloud pay rich tributes to every member of the labor force and duly recognize their contribution. We also honor all those laborers who fought for their rights and those of coming generations.

Wishing You all a Very Happy Labor Day!

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