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The Cloud has played an instrumental role in pandemic response over the past twelve to fifteen months. Recently, an annual study was conducted by “Turbonomic”, which was called the State of Multi-cloud Survey.

For this survey, data was collected from over eight hundred IT professionals from across the globe. Although the survey’s prime focus was various developments on the multi-cloud side, it also covered top Cloud Computing trends or priorities in general.

Interestingly, the top priority of IT professionals as per survey results was cloud optimization. This was outlined as a leading consideration by both old cloud users as well as recent adopters of cloud powered solutions.

Within the domain of cloud optimization, two key sub-areas were identified. The first aspect of this optimization was performance of the existing infrastructure, whether it was deployed as a public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

This cloud performance aspect touches the core elements such as the level of cloud resources provisioned and their actual utilization. This helps enterprises identify whether the existing cloud solution is over or under provisioned, when compared to the needs.

Another vital aspect of cloud optimization was the cost side. This cloud audit or priority includes elements such as comparative analysis of similar cloud offerings, pricing mechanisms and even under utilization of the provisioned resources.

Some estimates reveal that cost optimization should be a major element of the cloud strategy for an enterprise. It is projected that during the year 2021, enterprises may end up paying as much as US $26 BN in lieu of un-utilized or un-used cloud services.

In these prevailing times of financial crunch, cost optimization can be a great way of intelligently provisioning the cloud resources that you actually need. These saved resources can be channelized towards other promising avenues or growth opportunities.

The second priority after cloud optimization was furthering of a multi-cloud strategy. A promising 30% of survey respondents were using at least three or more public clouds simultaneously.

The above findings reveal that the cloud sector is evolving very rapidly, and this is great news for the industry as a whole.

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