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“Leave no one behind”, the old Latin quote is now transformed by Huawei to “leave nothing in the Tech behind”. After Google tried to Sabotage their relationship within the Operating System Android domain, Huawei launched their own Operating System. They are also the first one in the market to introduce 5G modems. Now, seeing how everyone else is turning towards Cloud Computing; Huawei is prepared to enter the Cloud Computing Market.

The Chinese tech Giant will unveil the world’s fastest AI computing chipset and they are looking to spend $1.5 billion by hiring more software developers. Looks like Alibaba, Tencent, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are going to have a tough competition. Huawei is already the world’s largest Telecom equipment maker and holds the badge for second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the whole world.

Huawei’s rotating chairman, Ken Hu, said in a press release, “The future of computing is a massive market worth more than two trillion US dollars. We’ll keep investing with a strategy that focuses on four key areas. We will push the boundaries of architecture, invest in processors for all scenarios, keep clear business boundaries, and build an open ecosystem”

Atlas 900:

The Huawei’s fastest AI training Cluster is comprised of thousands of Ascend processors which will take only 59.8 seconds to train the Res-Net 50. Res-Net 50 is the standard training measurement test for Artificial Intelligence. Atlas 900 proved to be 10 seconds faster than the previous AI Cloud Computing Chips.

Atlas 900 will be the powerhouse of AI computing and it will bring new era of possibilities in scientific research and business innovation. Huawei will expand its Cloud Unit within next five year span by hiring up to five million developers to keep their heads high in competing the next generation of Artificial Intelligence applications and solutions.

Huawei has started to deploy Atlas 900 as a Cluster Service in Huawei Cloud making the extraordinary power readily available to its customers across different industries in the world.

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