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Over the past two years or so, we have seen massive evolution within Cloud Computing environments. The same can be said about workloads, as they have also rapidly made their way from on-premise data centers to cloud environments.

A cloud workload can be defined as any process, big or small, which utilizes cloud resources such as storage, compute or processing to deliver an output. The output of a cloud workload may in turn become the input for another cloud based workload.

During the past years, the boundaries between on-premise, hybrid and multi cloud environments have blurred to a great extent. While this is good news from an enterprise perspective, it gives rise to certain challenges from a management perspective.

It is really important for a CIO or CISO to have clear visibility and mapping of the workloads within the entire environment. This is not only important from an optimization standpoint, but also helps a lot in meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Upon successful mapping of your enterprise workloads, as to which workload or process is on-premise, or residing in the Cloud, you will be able to paint a much clearer picture of your entire IT environment.

Mapping of enterprise workloads will also go a long way in optimization of these workloads. Once you have a clear mapping of the workloads, it will become a whole lot easier to identify the optimal environment for that workload, be it on-premise or in the Cloud.

Furthermore, what CIOs and CISOs stand to achieve with proper mapping of their workloads is a much better understanding of the cause and effect of each workload. One more benefit of this whole exercise will be more efficient use of cloud resources.

Efficient use of cloud resources is really important, as enterprises end up paying for what they use. This is one of the many areas where dinCloud, an ATSG company, stands out as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with a Flat Rate Pricing Model and zero hidden fees.

At the end of the day, the consensus view is that enterprises will be better off moving their workloads to the public cloud. This holds true in terms of both workload management, as well as the associated costs, both short and long term.

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