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It’s safe to say that slinging servers out of the box is never a desirable pastime; but that is the case especially during the holiday season when time is especially precious.

On top of the needless time spent assembling on-prem hardware, there are also the pains associated with maintaining it. Don’t waste another minute worrying if that adapter cable is back-ordered. There’s an easier way.

Spend it in the cloud

dinCloud can provide you with the performance, security, and reliability you need in a cloud environment. You have the ultimate control of your cloud experience with dinManage, where you can instantly provision resources to scale up or down.

Before you assemble your next server out of the box, consider the benefits of cloud migration. Forget the headaches from your on premise servers and move to the cloud with dinCloud.

For more information on our servers, visit our hosted virtual server page, or request more information.