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The scalability, management controls and cost savings offered by our hosted virtual desktop solution can benefit any organization. However, our hosted virtual desktop has specific applications for companies affected by the following factors.

Virtual Private Network Alternative

Hosted virtual desktops allow users to log in remotely without requiring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection into your network. Installing and maintaining a VPN can prove costly and burdensome for your IT staff. Hosted virtual desktops offer a favorable alternative to virtual private networks for secure access to your company’s data and applications.

Support Mobility Initiatives and Remote Workers

The need for remote access has increased with the rise in mobile work and virtual employees. Regardless of a user’s location, data and applications are accessible via their hosted virtual desktop. The speed of deployment and ease of remote maintenance make hosted virtual desktops an ideal solution for companies with remote offices or teams.

Support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiatives

Support Bring-Your-own-Device Initiatives with a hosted virtual desktop solution which allows users to access their entire virtual workspace – including apps and data – via a secure connection to our virtual private data centers.

Merger and Acquisition Scenarios

Companies undergoing a business transition such as a merger or acquisition can leverage a hosted virtual desktop solution to consolidate infrastructure. Our flexible deployment model can accommodate changes in staffing and business requirements.

Reducing Operational Costs

For companies looking to conserve capital –hosted virtual desktops can prolong the use of your existing hardware. After migrating to a hosted virtual desktop solution, companies typically see a 30-50% reduction in operational expenses. Plus, hosted virtual desktops can free up costly resources. When partnered with dinCloud, your IT department can spend less time on day-to-day management and support.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Set up a business continuity/disaster recovery contingency in our cloud. Inherent redundancy and fail-over protect your organization from data loss in the event of a disruption.

What’s Next?

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits and use cases for dinWorkspace, our hosted virtual desktop solution.