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dinHVD Reporting Samples

This page shows a few sample reports that are a part of the dinHVD (cloud hosted virtual desktop) subscription. This is a partial list. Please contact us and we’d be happy to walk you through this in more detail.

System Management Dashboard Reports

The SM dashboard reports provide an overview of the entire organization. It includes features like:
  • Managed HVD: Provides the number of HVD’s being used in an organization.
  • Connectivity of Managed HVD: Provides a summary of who was connected to the HVD at a given time.
  • Hard Drive Space available: information on number of HVD that is running low on disk space.
  • Top 7 Software Installed: provides a list of top 7 softwares installed in the organization.
  • Antivirus Details: gives you the information on infections and Quarantines.
  • Patch Status: gives you the information on how the organization is doing on Patching.

Patch Analysis

Patch Management ensures systems are scanned; vulnerabilities identified and patched using defined parameters. dinCloud Security Patch Management will scan for blocked applications, security threats, spyware, driver updates, software updates, vulnerabilities and antivirus definitions. This service provides assurance that security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps are remedied in a timely basis.

Software Usage Report

Usage-based Licensing Reports summarize usage of a specific application throughout the organization. It displays the number of End Users running the application, the number of End Users using the application, and the features used by End Users for a specific application.

Software Compliance

Software Compliance pulls software inventory, software usage and purchasing information together to provide true compliance reporting. This service enables customers to easily identify under-utilized software, over installed software, unauthorized software and software license compliance issues.