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How Digitization and FinTech Startups are Changing Perceptions

Cloud technology is just one part of the digital transformation trending within financial institutions.
Digitization and fintech startups are changing the perception of how people look at financial services in terms of the products it offers, the ways it operates, and the role it plays in the economic landscape.
According to a marketplace survey of executives in the financial industry by Deloitte:
  • Almost 2/3 of respondents felt technology will have the greatest impact on the financial industry in the next two years
  • Respondents saw a greater near-term impact from sensing technologies such as block chain and robotic process automation.
  • Customer and Risk Management will be impacted by technology
Take a peek at an Infographic on Deloitte’s Financial Survey Snapshot:

dinCloud’s cloud services for the financial sector are comprised of hosted virtual desktops, hosted virtual servers, database solutions, cloud storage solutions and recently introduced James, The Virtual Robot, a process testing and monitoring service.


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