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As we continue to curate Digital Tech Trends in the Healthcare Industry, we have seen the following technologies repeatedly mentioned: Cloud Computing, Robotic Process Automation (virtual robots), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since these have been the top trending IT technologies for the healthcare industry, we’ve compiled content related to these Tech Trends. These include both third party articles and dinCloud resources that you might find useful.

Cloud Adoption Research for Legal Industry

Taking a peek at Deloitte’s Survey Report on Future Trends for Legal Services, we found out some interesting insights from the survey that we’d like to share with you.

Small Medium Business Challenges

It’s a common mis-perception that the majority of businesses and employers in America are large corporations such as Google or Apple.

Cloud Adoption for Higher Ed

CIO’s and their IT departments at Higher Education Institutions are facing many interesting challenges nowadays, and migrating to the cloud is just one of them. Technology is playing an increasing role for institutions to differentiate amongst direct competitors and also an onslaught of new entrants (Lynda, EdX, etc.) that are disrupting the way learning takes place.

What Should Pharma Organizations Do to Achieve Digital Transformation?

The Pharmaceutical industry has had to constantly evolve due to globalization, consolidation and regulatory compliance. Within this global, competitive landscape challenges like: increasing supply chain complexity, pricing reforms, and cost pressure from payers continue to increase. The changing demands of patients seeking a greater role in their own care is causing a rapid move to digital transformation.

Are Robots Replacing Humans ? – dinCloud

Robots have been prolific in science fiction stories for decades.  Who can forget the iconic figures Data from Star Trek or C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars?  In more recent years, robots have taken on a larger role, moving from the denizens of science fiction to a fixture in the business landscape.

Legal IT Trends to Watch Out for

According to the American Bar Association’s Legal Tech survey, there’s an entrance of new competition brought on by technology and a need for creativity in the legal industry. The traditional manner of providing legal services are drastically transforming as new tech entrants look to disrupt the field.

Key findings from the insurance

As the US Healthcare industry undergoes a digital transformation, we see an increase in the impact of electronic health data across the healthcare ecosystem. Cloud, along with robotic automation, artificial intelligence, next generation analytics, cognitive computing and other technologies are opening new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Future of Work in the Insurance Industry

The US Insurance industry is at a turning point. Growth is being affected by shrinking investment incomes, escalating claim costs and rising regulations. At the same time, advances in technology and the growth of InsurTech are raising customer expectations for greater innovation and revising traditional insurance models.

When It Really Counts, You’re More Than Just a Number

We’ve all been there. You’re faced with a technology issue and the pressure’s mounting from the executive suite. The problem is, the issue is with your third party vendor, not your internal systems and you are stuck waiting for a resolution from your vendor. You frantically refresh your inbox hoping to have an update to share while the execs that are breathing down your neck. In times like these, the last thing you want to be is a small fish in a big pond.


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