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An Accenture survey report from 2016 found that financial services firms are facing a large number of security breaches. The report stated that a financial services firm faces an average of 85 targeted breach attempts each year, a third of which will be successful.

Why The Insurance Industry Shouldn’t Fear Cloud Services | dinCloud

An Accenture report from late 2016 found that 1 in 3 cyber security attacks on the insurance industry are successful. Despite this, the report goes on to say that 4 out of 5 Insurers are confident in their ability to protect their organization from cyberattacks.

dinCloud Ranked as Number 1 Desktop-as-a-Service Provider

As early as 2010, “hosted virtual desktops” (HVDs) have been under discussion, with gurus and futurists proclaiming the benefits of moving to such a solution.  In fact, one analyst noted in this article from ZDNet in July of 2010, that 2011 would be the “year of desktop virtualization.”  The author himself theorized that the technology just “makes too much sense.”

Multiple Levels of Security Procedures | dinCloud

Equifax.  Deloitte.  Verizon.  These are just a few examples of recent security breaches that have made the front pages in the last few months.  A study by XO Communications in 2015 stated that at that time, 56% of businesses were worried about their cloud data security.

Stages of Digital Transformation | dinCloud

“Transformation is often more about unlearning than learning.” ~Richard Rohr

When it comes to digital transformation, the quote from Richard Rohr sums it up entirely too well. The business world is changing so quickly that it can be hard to keep up - but business who embrace a culture of change and transformation are well on the way to ensuring the future of their organization.

Why Cloud is the Referral that Healthcare IT Needs | dinCloud

There’s no shortage of complexity in healthcare IT. Between security concerns, industry regulations, large volumes of data, and the high stakes, a major shift in the way IT is administered can’t be taken lightly. However, with HIPAA proving burdensome for many healthcare organizations, along with the complexity of patient data and confidentiality concerns, the cloud, and the many benefits it offers, can help provide some relief.

Steps Higher Education can take to Embrace Security Cloud

While higher ed institutions around the country have largely embraced the cloud and have started to migrate their systems in large numbers, a recent CIO Review article reports that there are lingering concerns. Specifically, “reservations when it comes to their core systems.

Cloud Technology Driving Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry

As we continue to share key insights on the latest technology trends in the financial industry, Cloud technology is the trending buzzword in Financial IT circles.

The question is, how can cloud technologies address financial industry concerns over the strict regulatory compliance, data security (including privacy and disaster recovery), and cost savings, while maintaining the focus on efficiency and customer experience.

Why You Should Add Desktop-as-a-Service to Your Business Portfolio - dinCloud

Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS is a hot topic for businesses today. With the explosion in BYOD and millennials demanding flexible work, businesses have had to come up with a new way to secure their proprietary data. Virtualization solves this security concern by hosting all workspaces in the cloud and users can access from whatever device is easily available. If the device is lost or stolen, or the employee leaves, none of the data is stored on the individual’s device and therefore cannot land in the wrong hands.

Cloud Benefits for Pharma Industry

As someone living in the pharmaceutical industry, you may have been hearing about the impact of recent IT trends shaping the pharma ecosystem over the last few years.


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