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It’s that easy. Just like the world needed centralized mechanisms of electricity – as opposed to everyone creating their own power plants – the world needs a simplified way to deploy enterprise


coal vs electric

Image #1: If you ever been to a 3rd world town, where citizens still makes their own power and heat (coal burning fires) – you appreciate the centralized power grid we enjoy!

In the 3rd world the people still burn their own coal and wood for heat and cooking needs, the result is environmental chaos and massive energy inefficiencies. (Let alone the massive security issues with fires and other tragedies.) We have solved this in the modernized world with centralized power creation and distribution.

The same goes for enterprise resources

Asking every enterprise to create their own furnaces for storage, desktops and servers – is re-creating the same logistic anarchy. Enterprises need to focus on what they do well – and leave resource infrastructure to organizations designed to host, monitor and modify these resources accordingly.

And the most secure and forward thinking of these enterprises is: dinCloud. (See image #2)

dinCloud has taken the time (and resources) to create a secure and scalable system of storage, desktop and servers. dinCloud has coded their own configuration and management tools, dinManage, that make all

of these resources deployable for the enterprise and cost-effictive.

dincloud services

Image #2: dinCloud allows enterprise to “plug-in” the dinCloud secure infrastructure and tap into the infinite resources of cloud resources.

Another benefit of cloud deployment: Security

And that is one of the main reasons I am here! dinCloud has always valued security – since its inception. We’ve coded our own configuration and management tools to alleviate the flaws and backdoors of the publically available cloud management tools. On top of that, dinCloud has added an enterprise network infrastructure by renowned enterprise CCIEs for the purpose of securing (and scaling) the network infrastructure.

The result: A repeatable and secure IT resource home for today’s enterprises looking to the cost, time and security benefits of the cloud.

Contact us – and we’ll give you demo! (Our desktop solution for the enterprise will blow you away!)

All the best! Cloud on!