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The days of Microsoft playing catch-up to anyone are, simply put: O-v-e-r. For some, this will be hard to believe, but when you see what’s cookin’ over at Uncle Bill’s, there’s little left to doubt.

Microsoft has lots to offer in 2012 around literally everything, including but not limited to:

Hypervisors (Server 8 / Hyper-V, Native InfiniBand, etc.)

VDI (Windows 8, Remote FX, RDP)

Cloud Management (SCVMM)

New storage protocols (SMB 2.2 w/CA, NDO & other features)

VOIP soft phones (Lync, Skype)

Pricing (SPLA, perpetual, it’s ALL good)

From my extensive studies, if I learned nothing else it was this: get to the point. So this quick blog isn’t going to be a feature shootout in painful detail between Microsoft SCVMM 2012 and VMware vCenter 5 or any such nonsense. Let’s just drop the nuclear bomb and move on! 😉

My opinion and view of the virtualization landscape goes something like this: 

The fact is the 800 pound Microsoft gorilla continues to own the server operating system, and with server 2008 and beyond, it’s become a rock solid system. This isn’t your grandpa’s server 2003, requiring constant care/feeding. Oh no, this tiger you let loose and it just runs like a cheetah indefinitely. Good platform to rollout a hypervisor on? You bet. Bottom line: It’s good to be a silverback gorilla in the OS forest when you own the bananas.

Citrix believes they can thrive in the shade of the Microsoft tree forever. Gorillas are lazy, right? In the end though, every gorilla sprints through the forest, and when it does? LOOK OUT! The official party line as of this moment is love & happiness. See what tune we’re all singing when Windows 8 rolls out. I’ve seen the Promised Land from the mountain-top my friends. It’s amazing.

Still not convinced? Click here for all the technical reasons why Microsoft will win.

Come what may, your best bet is to partner with dinCloud and get at least “one leg in the Cloud”. Mere virtualization doth not a Cloud make, simply because you don’t get the same pricing, licensing, features, DR and more in a DIY model.

So enjoy the show. 2012 is the year of Microsoft, any way you cut it. You heard it here first!

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