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Business changes with astonishing speed. One such way the corporate world has been disrupted is the demand for a more dispersed workforce, causing businesses to evaluate alternative Desktop Delivery Solutions. One such technology increasingly being explored is Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions (also referred to as Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS) due to its ability to deliver 24/7 instantaneous access to corporate applications and desktops.

VDI Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

How Your Business can gain the Competitive Advantage?

As a result, the virtual desktop infrastructure space is experiencing explosive growth, and your business has a plethora of options available to them when it comes to sourcing a virtual desktop infrastructure solution.  But only cloud-based solutions include the ability to get a user up and running with a cloud desktop in a manner of minutes…or with just 1-click. And in a world where speed and agility can be the deciding factor in winning or losing that potential sale, ensure that your business can gain the competitive advantage.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Provides Instant Access to Corporate Apps and Desktops

The workforce is changing.  As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, the millennials take their place. Mergers and Acquisitions are frequent as are seasonal ebbs and flows. All of this means constant changes in the workforce that require fast adds, moves, and changes to the business technology to accommodate the frequent disruption.

What’s the Real Advantage of Cloud-Based VDI Solution?

The beauty of a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure solution is that the desktops are managed through a central interface, meaning the IT staff responsible for spinning up new desktops can do so with one simple click from the web interface.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Reduces IT Complexity

The old way of desktop management included multiple hands and days before a new (or acquired) employee was able to reach full capacity and productivity in their new role, mostly because of the need for access to corporate applications and desktop services.

Not only did IT have to procure a physical device, but they had to do all of the necessary application installation, security protocols, and hand deliver to the employee. Days of effort are reduced to hours, even minutes, as an employee can be productive immediately upon creation of the virtual desktop. With or without a corporate provided device, the employee could utilize their personal technology while waiting for the physical endpoint to be delivered by IT, and the data still remains secure as it resides within the secure walls of the virtual desktop and not on the employee’s computer. All an employee now needs to begin working is login credentials.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Maximizes Productivity

Thanks to the 1-click nature of cloud-based virtual desktop technology, both IT and end-users can attain maximum productivity within minutes. Employees are no longer chained to a physical endpoint, enabling them to roam while maintaining productivity on their tasks. IT no longer has to manually provide provisioning, de-provisioning, and any adds, moves, or changes, but can easily manage the task through the central desktop database. The enhanced computing experience means users are not held back by a slow, aging infrastructure and bandwidth issues, and their virtual desktop functions as if it resided on the physical device in front of them.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Minimizes Security

In days gone by, security would have been the biggest obstacle to migrating to cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. But years of development, training, and sourcing of the industry’s top talent has meant that now, cloud-based solutions for outperforming on-premise solutions when it comes to the security of the solution and your data.

Security patches and updates are immediately sourced to the end users device through the cloud infrastructure, meaning IT no longer has to receive notice of the update and feverishly work to gather every end-user device to install the new updates. Cloud-based providers invest significant time and money in the best cyber-security practices and put your data security at the top of their mind as they enhance their delivery platform.

dinCloud Provides Industry-Leading Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

With accolades from industry leaders such as Gartner, Channel Partners, and CRN, dinCloud has invested significant time and effort in bringing best-in-class virtual desktop infrastructure solutions to the business world. Exceptional end-user experience, built on industry leading hyper-converged infrastructure provider, Nutanix, and as the first provider to offer Windows 10 desktop solutions virtually, dinCloud has been leading the way in desktop delivery since the start of this decade. Learn more on how dinCloud virtual desktop solutions can enable your business to succeed.