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Over the past few months, we have witnessed massive changes to IT infrastructures. The unique and unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic prompted enterprises to re-visit their existing IT infrastructures in a big way.

The Post-Pandemic Evolution of Cloud Data Centers

Cloud Computing has been one of those digital technologies that has played an instrumental role in keeping businesses up and running during this global crisis. However, this was no easy feat for public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) as well.

The sudden and rapid spike in demand for cloud services meant that cloud providers had to come up with out of the box solutions to cope with the pandemic driven demand. Kudos to leading CSPs like dinCloud, which negotiated this challenge with flying colors.

How to Brace for the Post Pandemic Era?

The In-Adequacy of On-Premise Data Centers

Even before the pandemic took full effect, enterprises had seriously started weighing the pros and cons of maintain costly data centers on-site. However, concerns around data security, compliance and a general slackness often led to going with the status-quo.

However, the limitations and in-adequacy of on-premise data centers were exposed with the in-ability of employees to physically come up at the workplace. On premise, legacy data centers were simply never designed to cope with this quantum of overnight demand.

This resulted in a bad to sub-par end user experience when remote employees tried to access enterprise resources that were hosted over on-site data centers. Financial and logistical constraints posed further restrictions on scaling them up.

How Will the Post Pandemic Workplace Look Like?

Cloud Data Centers – A Befitting Solution

Amidst all this chaos and confusion, it was Cloud Data Centers that emerged as the most viable, secure and cost effective solution. A clear advantage that cloud data centers enjoyed over in-house data centers was the availability of abundant capacity to scale.

This resulted in a paradigm shift on the part of enterprises to migrate to the Cloud for their data storage and processing needs. The purpose built and ready to scale data centers of CSPs like dinCloud were amply equipped to handle this overnight spike in demand.

Mission Critical Workloads Move to Cloud Data Centers

During the early days of the pandemic, and even before that, enterprises seemed reluctant to migrate their mission critical workloads to Cloud Data Centers. Some of the major concerns included security, compliance, latency and end user experience.

Post Pandemic Priorities for Cyber Security

However, enterprises closely watched how Cloud Service Providers like dinCloud not only met the heightened demand, but also achieved this feat while maintaining near perfect security and privacy.

But as more and more enterprise data found its way to cloud data centers, regulations around compliance kept on getting more and more stringent. Some of these limitations also related to where the data was physically stored over the cloud data centers.

Decentralization of Cloud Data Centers

In a bid to better serve the mission critical workloads of enterprises, coupled with the need to meet more stringent regulations, we are witnessing de-centralization of cloud data centers at a very strong pace.

This trend of de-centralizing cloud data centers is a strategic move on the part of cloud providers that serves multiple benefits simultaneously. Firstly, the closer the cloud data centers to their end users, the more superior is the end user experience.

Public Cloud Deemed Necessary for Post Pandemic Survival and Recovery

As cloud data centers move physically closer to where enterprises are operating, it is becoming way easier to meet regulatory compliance. So, this solves the dual challenge of minimizing latency and meeting stringent compliance standards.

Lastly, this is preparing public cloud service providers to also step into the domain of Edge Computing. With ever more de-centralized data centers, it will become much easier for cloud providers to also offer edge computing solutions to their end users.

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