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Earlier this year, industry-leading hyperconverged Infrastructure provider, Nutanix, commissioned Vanson Bourne to survey over 2,300 IT decision makers about where they are running their business applications today, the plans for where to run them in the future, the challenges they are experiencing with migrating to the cloud now and how their cloud strategies stack up against other IT projects and priorities. The results found that the manufacturing industry is leading the global average across industries with a current penetration rate of 19%.

Nutanix’s HyperConverged Infrastructure digitally transformation

Manufacturing Industry under Increasing Pressure to Innovate

The survey, which Nutanix entitled the “Enterprise Cloud Index,” found that the industry is at an “innovation impasse.” The industry is under increasing pressure to innovate while continuing to meet the current productivity and operational goals. IT leaders in manufacturing are challenged with looking for long-term solutions that enable the industry to automate and enhance the use of data and customer experience.

Key Insights into the Enterprise Cloud Index

  • A total of 91% of survey respondents stated that the hybrid cloud model was the ideal IT model for their business.
  • Manufacturers are outpacing the global average of businesses currently using the traditional data center as the primary way to handle their IT infrastructure. Globally, 41% of businesses are using this model with manufacturers reporting 43% use.
  • 20% of manufacturing companies report using single cloud services, with the global average being 12% — showing that manufacturers are increasingly turning to cloud solutions as the legacy systems they currently operate cannot handle the needed workload.
  • 56% of manufacturers surveyed indicated that they run enterprise applications in a private cloud, outpacing the global average by 7%.
  • Manufacturers are choosing security and compliance more often than companies in other industries as the top factor in deciding where to run workloads. The report indicated that 31% of respondents across all industries and geographies named security and compliance as the number one decision criterion, with 34% of manufacturing organizations indicating this reasoning as the top factor.

Nutanix Changing Industry to Fully Digitally Transformed

dinCloud’s Desktop-as-a-Service offering is built on Nutanix’s HyperConverged Infrastructure

dinCloud has built their hosted desktop solution with Nutanix’s HyperConverged Infrastructure, enabling a highly modernized data center environment ready to serve the most advanced and challenging needs of our customer base, especially around delivering high-performance reliability. Manufacturers can take this technology and deploy it immediately and with ease across all locations, enhancing the productivity and security of their operations, while reducing overall costs. Contact us today to learn how.

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