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The influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives is increasing with every passing day. However, the actual benefits of AI can be tapped only if this capability is readily available in scenarios requiring instant and accurate decision making.

Mobile Applications and Cloud Based AI

One of the major hurdles in leveraging the true potential of AI is the availability of compute at the most localized level. Traditional information and communication channels were not capable of handling this immense flow of data before.

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With massive investments in the development of 5G infrastructure, this bottleneck is about to get resolved. With the availability of more information and compute at the most localized level, the true potential of AI can be unleashed.

The development of 5G network, coupled with the immense compute and storage of cellular devices, we should witness a rapid proliferation of AI powered mobile applications. Now, the only missing block in this entire chain is the underlying infrastructure.

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This capability comes from none other than the Cloud, where there is immense and instant storage as well as computing capability. This can be leveraged to give rise to a fully cloud powered AI ecosystem of mobile apps.

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Mobile applications, with the ability to help in our day to day lives, will be instantly leveraging cloud powered AI to make things a lot easier for us. As soon as the 5G network fully develops, we can expect an AI revolution that’s powered by the Cloud.