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A New Method for App Virtualization

We are pleased to announce another innovative cloud service: dinApp-an app publishing platform that uses a turnkey method to virtualize apps. We present app publishing as an easier way to virtualize your applications.

App Virtualization Made Easy With dinCloud

dinApp runs on several platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Java/Web. dinApp can deliver apps to physical and virtual desktops, as well as to mobile devices – making it easier to deploy applications to your entire workforce.

There’s an Easier Way to Virtualize Apps

Through the platform, enable users to access applications from a Chromebook, Mac, Android, or Windows device. At a higher level, the tool allows you to operate more efficiently without the barrier of application compatibility. Without this workaround, administrators would need multiple computers to run the same application and avoid incompatibility issues.

And when it comes time to roll out updates to your virtualized applications – this can be done quickly – often times in a matter of minutes. dinApp is also significantly less expensive to roll out and maintain than traditional app virtualization solutions.

How Customers Are Using App Publishing

Some customers are already seeing benefits from dinApp.

Dermatran, a pharmaceutical compounding company, has been using dinApp to deploy one of their applications.  Their network administrator, Jesse Davis, had this to say of their experience with the platform: “With dinApp, we can deploy those legacy applications to the same client without any of the issues we previously experienced. The seamless desktop integration provides our employees with an easy to understand application access method that mimics that of a standalone workstation.  Pricing of the dinCloud services lowered our bill by almost 2/3rd while providing all of the functionality we required.”

Learn More about App Virtualization

For more on the topics of app virtualization and publishing, read our dinApp announcement or view our dinApp webpage.