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With rapid changes and growing complexity in technology, the path to digital transformation for Insurance Agencies certainly isn’t clear. To help, dinCloud has put together this curated list of resources that can help you stay informed and even one step ahead.

Technology in the Insurance Industry:

This collection of articles covers insurtech, cloud computing and other considerations specific to the Insurance Industry.

Insurance Technology Resources

By using cloud services such as SaaS and DaaS, innovation can be easier to accomplish. This piece explores how utilizing the cloud can make innovation in your agency easier.

Innovation made easy.  The Clouds Long Term Value Proposition.

Great piece by author Joe McKendrick on how to pick the right technology and partner when looking to bring new technologies to your agency.

Tips to Picking the Right Insurtech Partner

This piece, also by Joe McKendrick, explores how Insurance agency business models are being changed by the tech sector.  Read more on how your agency must becoming a tech company in order to survive in this technological world.

Insurers Must Become Tech Companies to Survive

The Back Office is seeing the transformative effects of Insurtech.

Insurtech is Targeting the Back Office

This report by Ernst and Young  looks at what the insurance industry can expect in 2017 and beyond.

Ernst & Young 2017 US Property & Casualty Insurance Outlook

How can you empower your insurance agency?  Farmers Insurance did it with the cloud.  This article shares their story and how you, also, can use the cloud to empower your agency.

Empowering Insurance Using Cloud

Ernst and Young looks at how the cloud is helping agencies transform through proven approaches to reduce costs and improve agency performance.

Ernst & Young: Transformation Through the Cloud

Insurance Technology Resources

Here are a few websites that we have found that have some great insights and information on the trends in the insurance industry.

dinCloud Resources

dinCloud Resources

dinCloud works closely with Insurance Agencies by offering services that simplify the technology they need to transform in this digital era.

Digital Technology Trends in the Insurance Industry

58% of Insurance CEOs Say Technology Has a Significant Impact on the Industry

Cloud Services for the Insurance Industry: Use Cases


Here are a few videos on the power of the cloud for your business and things to look for in your cloud provider.

No Surprises on Your Cloud Bill

Desktops Hosted in the Cloud

Trends and Statistics of the Cloud

Cloud and Business Transformation

Thought Leaders to Follow

Here are a few leaders in the industry that you might like to follow to learn more about Insurtech and technology.

Joe McKendrick

Evan Kirstel

Mike Quindazzi

We hope you have found this collection helpful.  We’d love to partner with you to help your agency succeed in this rapidly changing technology world.