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During the past eighteen months or so, Cloud Computing has made in-roads across multiple sectors. When we traditionally talk of gaming, we envision having a high end PC or a similar, expensive gaming console by one of the top manufacturers.

How Will Cloud Gaming Evolve in the Year 2021?

The up-front investment in a PC or gaming console is just one element of the traditional gaming experience. Things also do not look good when you look at the long term cost of ownership of such ventures, as you have to pay for the games that you play over them.

How is Cloud Gaming Changing the Landscape?

Cloud Gaming or “Gaming as a Service” stands to change this entire landscape in the near future. Instead of buying expense gaming PCs or consoles, the best games out there will be streamed via the Cloud, similar to video and music streaming that’s out there today.

This trend of streaming games via the Cloud stands to potentially change the entire gaming landscape. Tech and gaming heavyweights like Microsoft, Google, Nvidia and Amazon are putting their investments and weight behind Cloud Gaming in a big way.

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Cloud Gaming Developments

Microsoft recently introduced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which brings cloud gaming to PCs and iOS devices. During the year 2020, it was expected that the total size of the Cloud Gaming market was US $1.15 BN, crossing the 1 BN $ mark for the very first time.

By the year 2026, it is expected that the total size of the Cloud Gaming market could achieve US $2.7 BN. This translates into a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 15% between the years 2021 to 2026.

Here are a few key trends to watch out for in the Cloud Gaming industry.

5G – A Catalyst for Cloud Gaming

The blazing fast 5G technology is just around the corner. This is expected to act as a catalyst for the growth of smartphone powered Cloud Gaming. Today’s high performance smartphones, coupled with the speeds of 5G, will proliferate cloud gaming in a big way.

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Move to Subscription based Model

Cloud Gaming will transform the industry into a subscription based service, which does not require huge up-front investment in either a high end gaming PC or console. Instead, you will be charged as per a subscription based pricing model.

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Access to Un-Limited Games over the Cloud

Now, you first have to purchase a game to enjoy it. At times, you are cash starved and cannot enjoy your favorite games for this reason. Cloud Gaming promises to give you un-rivaled access to nearly limitless games, being hosted and streamed over the Cloud.

Virtual Reality (VR) May Become Affordable

Right now, VR is an expensive undertaking, especially when you talk of VR games. Not only is the equipment expensive, but also needs a high end device to work. We expect that VR will also transition to the Cloud over time, increasing the access to VR powered games.

Cost Savings via Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming stands to eliminate the need for expensive hardware to be purchased in order to enjoy the best games out there. Over the Cloud, gamers will no longer need to invest in expensive devices, as games will be streamed over the internet via the Cloud.

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The area of Cloud Gaming did not take off much prior to the pandemic. However, it seems that this area is also gaining the momentum that was required to bring this technology into the mainstream. The good thing is, a few big stakeholders are also on-board.

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