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If VDI is as good as it’s on paper, then why don’t we see it deployed across each and every organization, or the majority of them to say the least. Well, we will tackle this question later but first, let’s briefly touch what VDI actually means.

VDI is a desktop virtualization model in which you provision and maintain a dedicated server or data center within your organization. In this model, all the matters pertaining to the solution are in your domain, whether it’s hardware or the software side.

While this model may seem very enticing at first glance, it’s not as simple as it really sounds. For many IT solution providers, the answer is probably simple, while VDI benefits are real, so are the plethora of accompanying deployment challenges.

Instead of VDI, dinCloud’s DaaS Model offers a great alternative to gain the benefits of VDI with zero deployment hassle. IT Business Edge recently ran an article titled, “Another year of waiting for the virtual desktop.” The article illuminates some of the teething data center and infrastructure issues introduced by VDI.

Bottom line is, if you want to ensure a responsive, desktop like user experience (UX) with VDI, you will need careful attention to the server, storage and network configuration. Get it wrong and you could encounter problems such as the “boot storm,” which causes slow logins when many users sign on simultaneously. It’s quite common in peak working hours.

A slow storage or network response in VDI could create a poor user experience that causes your end users to reject the new solution altogether. There could also be sticker shock issues as you price out the servers, networks, storage and space required for the new VDI deployment.

Through dinCloud’s Virtual Desktop offering in the form of dinHVDs, we take all these integration and deployment challenges simply out of the equation. What you’re left with is a purely subscription based model that works as a “plug and play” solution instead.

The backbone of dinCloud’s DaaS offering is a global footprint of highly advanced data centers. Our super fast server connections eliminate input / output (I/O) bottlenecks. dinCloud’s I/O consolidation simplifies the most complex deployments down to a minimal level, resulting in a highly responsive Virtual Desktop experience.

For more specialized productivity needs, you can augment dinCloud’s solutions with specialized software and applications that are seamlessly integrated into the solution. For the best end user experience, dinCloud uses its own application delivery stack.

Why Deploy DaaS in place of VDI?

If you want to avoid the upfront cost, integration challenges and time issues, you should deploy dinCloud’s DaaS Solution instead. You can rest assured of a best in class cloud infrastructure, that’s not only responsive, buy equally secure and compliant with the leading international standards laid down for various industries.

While the idea of a dedicated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may initially sound enticing, it comes along with a host of issues and challenges. By the time you overcome those bottlenecks, if you’re lucky enough, you would realize VDI’s supposed benefits get diluted by the cost and time overruns.

You must have heard the wise people say “let the experts handle this”. Well, this can’t be truer for Desktop as a Service solutions being offered by dinCloud. For a nominal usage fee, you are relieved from the worries of maintaining hardware, optimizing it, cyber security and a lot more. All you have to worry about after dinHVDs is growth of your business.

Here’s another caveat to VDI. When you go on a VDI deployment journey, you set certain parameters in terms of timelines, costs and unforeseen challenges. Trust us when we say this, most of these milestones in the majority of VDI deployments get missed and ultimately, this frustrates the management who were convinced of “immediate gains”.

So, if you want to take the digitalization of your organization to the next level, without having to worry about the accompanying challenges, look no further than dinCloud’s Desktop as a Service offering, dinHVD.

You can Contact Us for any further queries or questions you may have about our industry leading Virtual Desktop offering, dinHVD.