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We are now in a time where digital transformation is quickly becoming a necessity. Sooner than later, aligning your processes with the latest digital trends may determine whether you are still competitive or otherwise.

How to Save Cloud Costs Without Compromising Security?

Enterprises are mostly keen on improving their operations and processes, as they know it makes them more competitive in the long run. However, when such changes are thrust upon organizations due to external factors, such as a pandemic, things change quickly.

The same very digital initiative that may have taken weeks, months or even years to take tangible shape may be fully implemented within a matter of days or weeks at max. However, costs and security are the core areas of concern in such situations.

Cloud Computing – A Viable Future Proposition

Most enterprises are turning to Cloud Computing solutions such as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops or applications to attain accelerated digital transformation. This post is about ways you can reduce your cloud costs, without compromising on the security side.

Hybrid Cloud Model – A Win for All

Perhaps the most notable factor among your cloud infrastructure choices is the deployment model itself. The main alternatives out there to deploy Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) include full-on Public Cloud, Private Cloud and the middle ground, Hybrid Cloud.

According to a study by Gartner on the post pandemic workforce trends, it is expected that a hybrid work model will be adopted. In this model, employees would be working both from their physical workplaces as well as homes, the latter often called work from home.

Under these circumstances, the Hybrid Cloud model seems a very practical approach. In this model, you can retain highly sensitive and / or predictable workloads on premise, while outsource the variable segment to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

By doing so, you will be able to leverage both on-premise and cloud infrastructures to the fullest advantage. Another way of pulling this off is “cloud optimization”, where you ensure the best possible use of cloud resources.

Cloud Optimization via dinManage

dinManage is a one-in-all Cloud Orchestration and Management portal developed exclusively for dinCloud users. dinManage delivers all the key performance and usage metrics of your cloud environment in a unified portal.

By collecting the usage patterns of your dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, you will be able to determine the under or over-utilization of cloud resources. Based on this data, you will be able to tweak or scale your cloud resources purely on a need basis.

dinCloud’s Flat Rate Pricing also Helps

As a provider of leading cloud solutions, dinCloud strongly believes in the security and cost efficiency of its offerings. With this very goal in mind, dinCloud offers a flat rate subscription based pricing model that makes all the guesswork related to costs irrelevant.

The mere thought that your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is not imposing hidden costs on its cloud infrastructure gives you un-paralleled peace of mind. Now, let’s shift the focus on security of the Cloud.

How dinCloud Enhances Security?

By deploying a Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solution, such as dinHVD by dinCloud, you are improving data security from the onset. Instead of your data being spread across multiple employee devices, it is stored centrally within one of your CSP’s datacenters.

So, you don’t risk losing data in case an employee’s official or personal endpoint device is either lost or stolen. To verify each user before granting access to data, we at dinCloud have a strong Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution in place.

In case you may be dealing with sensitive data or information, we also offer Sophos Intercept X for endpoints and servers as an additional security feature. This in turn plugs in a major weak link in the cloud chain, which is endpoint devices used by employees.


When choosing the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP), both security and costs should be among your top most priorities. Just add on the element of dinCloud’s exceptional Customer Support and you have an HVD solution that’s too good to pass.

Feel free to contact dinCloud for your IT or other cloud infrastructure needs and we will be glad to assist you. Our cloud solutions are both cost efficient as well as secure.