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Trying to move your infrastructure in the cloud to keep up with your competitors? Trying to figure out which cloud company to work with?

Try no more. Enter 451 Research and dinCloud.

451 Research is a boutique research firm focused on Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Simply put, they write some of the most thoughtful and well researched pieces out in the market. They recently published a report for the DaaS space and highlighted dinCloud amongst a few other names (NYSE:RACK, Citrix, etc.). The report highlights the major players in the industry who offergreat customer experience and superb technology. However, we don’t believe that the only viable way to deliver a desktop is to leverage shared desktops using Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

It’s our relationship with the folks in Redmond, as a gold partner focused on Virtualization as a Service (VaaS) through volume-licensing deals that makes the company unique and separates us from the pack. Our customers can choose to be in a shared multi-tenant infrastructure or a dedicated private cloud of their own. Furthermore, to overcome bloated storage and I/O bottle necks that come hand-in-hand with VaaS we have chosen InfiniBand architecture. At the end of it all, our customers realize 20-55% savings by subscribing to our service.

dinCloud was not only highlighted as a major player but 451 Research also did a case study on one of our customers. We believe in transparency and so opened up our customer base and made direct contact between the two firms, so we could keep the research unbiased. They spoke to the CEO of one of our law firm customers to get a better sense of the user experience, onboarding process and technology. The results and feedback were great. We were very pleased with our customer’s experience and look forward to further enhancing our processes and technology.

You can read the entire 451 Desktop as a Service report here:

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