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By now, we are nearly fifteen months into the full onslaught of Covid-19. The limited rollout of vaccines, though a positive development, is a time taking process in itself. Even after the vaccination, things may not fully return to normal as soon as we desire.

How Does the Cloud Help Your Business Thrive in Covid-19?

Under these circumstances, enterprises are on the lookout for technologies that not only enable them to operate during this crisis, but also remain relevant as well as competitive. Let’s discuss a few ways in which the Cloud proves invaluable for enterprises right now.

Consolidation of Data and Documents

The pandemic has drastically changed the ways in which we carry out routine office tasks. So, enterprises need to have a technology infrastructure that conforms to these changing needs. The Cloud proves an asset when it comes to managing daily operations.

In the case of the Cloud, all your data and vital documents are consolidated centrally within the data centers of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. So, every remote employee that accesses a document over the Cloud will be accessing its latest and updated version.

This centrality of data and documents, made possible by the Cloud, is very helpful in the present remote work scenario. Remotely working teams can better monitor and manage projects by leveraging the Cloud.

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Improved Data and Network Security

The present remote work scenario has exposed traditional, legacy and on-premise IT infrastructures to a host of threats. The loosely or in-adequately secured in-house systems are experiencing data and security breaches at a steadily rising rate.

On the other hand, leading Cloud Service Providers like dinCloud make data and network security their top priority. In the Cloud, there are multiple layers of security that may also be extended further to include your very endpoints via Sophos Intercept X suite.

Access to the cloud network and then your data is granted in the case of dinCloud, only after each user has passed through a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) protocol. This prevents your valuable data in the Cloud from un-authorized access and misuse.

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Enhanced Customer Service and Experience

The present business environment is all about pleasing your customers more than your competitors and the process goes on as such. Even otherwise, the present circumstances warrant an exceptional customer service.

Now, customers desire a prompt and exceptional digital experience as this is the major interface between both parties. The Cloud firstly improves Customer Service by giving your remote employees real-time access to critical business data.

By having access to real-time data over the Cloud, your employees are in a much better position to address customer needs and queries promptly. This in turn elevates the whole Customer Experience (CX) to a great extent.

Remote Work – A Breeze

During the pandemic, remote work is the norm rather than exception. The Cloud, it appears, is purpose built to make remote work a seamless affair. According to a recent study during the pandemic, nearly 75% of entities want to reduce in-office employees.

These employees, being a valuable resource, will be both effective and in a much better position to serve customers in real-time over the Cloud. They will have seamless access to real time organizational data, over a multitude of devices and operating systems (OS).

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Instant Scalability

This is indeed another strong selling point of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud. The Cloud allows you instant scalability, as opposed to the painstaking process of enhancing your in-house capabilities.

By moving to the Cloud, you not only save the time and financial resources of setting up on-premise options, but also enjoy scalability. By leveraging the global data center infrastructure of dinCloud, your enterprise can cater to a global target market.


There are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding this pandemic. One thing is for sure though, Cloud Computing will be playing an instrumental role in enabling businesses to remain competitive, effective and efficient.

Feel free to Contact dinCloud for more details on our leading cloud services that will help your enterprise cope with this pandemic unscathed.