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In this world, not everything is done solely for making profits. History is filled with thousands of examples where affluent people of the society and large corporations try to give back to society in their own unique ways.

How dinCloud Solutions Can be a Lifesaver for Non-Profits?

However, for the results of such initiatives to yield sustainable and long term fruits, it is imperative that these acts are channelized through a proper organizational structure where there is constant oversight.

Therefore, we currently have a vibrant non profit sector, in which there are organizations of nearly every size. Each non profit is trying to play its role in bringing improvement in the lives of people or serving entire societies however possible.

Business Model for Non-Profits

As the name suggests, non profits do not engage in purely commercial activities. This often runs contrary to the very spirit behind their creation. It is also believed that when non profits pursue commercial goals, they tend to de-track from their core objectives.

Without a self sustaining business model to back most non profits, they are left more or less with meager financial resources to support their own operations. However, efficient and technology powered operations are equally crucial for them as well.

Constraints for Non Profit Organizations

Due to their very nature, most non profits are severely constrained when we talk of resources. This constraint may relate to human resources, technology or most importantly, financial resources.

Hence, it is imperative that non profits leverage the best technologies to support their operations. This will not only make them more agile, but also result in cost savings. The saved resources can then be channelized where needed the most.

In this post, we will highlight the cloud solutions and services that are offered by premier Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud. Our best in class cloud solutions are suitable for non profits across the board.

Save on Space and Money with dinHVDs

dinCloud offers fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops we call dinHVDs. These have all the capability and functionality of your Windows 10 desktop PC, with the added advantage that you don’t need physical space for them.

Instead, dinHVDs are served from state of the art global data centers of dinCloud. Our dinHVDs are fully capable to handle the routine and processing intensive workloads of your non profit organization.

dinCloud’s HVDs can be accessed from anywhere across the globe, even from the remotest locations so long as you have a basic internet connection. To save further on costs, you can allocate a single dinHVD to a large number of your volunteers.

All you’ll have to do is chalk out a working schedule for your staff, so there’s no clash in usage hours. By doing so, you can allocate a single dinHVD to at least 4-6 of your volunteers, saving immensely on costs.

You also need physical space to keep traditional PCs. This space will cost you rent. As a non profit, this is not good news. Instead, choose our dinHVDs that don’t require any dedicated physical space, resulting in immense cost savings.

Support Global Operations via dinServers

In addition to Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, dinCloud also offers dedicated Virtual Servers for organizations including non profits. Large scale non-profits may have global operations and in that case, the amount of data can reach astronomical proportions.

Then, there are many external parties that also need to access this data from time to time. These can include governments, regulators, existing as well as potential donors. Instead of carrying all this data around wherever you go, just migrate it over dinServers.

By doing so, the first objective you achieve is an unmatched, multi layer security of your data and operations. After all, the last thing you would want as a non profit is the confidential data of your donors falling into the wrong hands.

In addition to heightened security, you can access this data from anywhere across the world, so long as there’s internet. In this way, you will have round the clock and real time visibility into your operations, even if they are at a global scale.

No IT Infrastructure to Own or Manage

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of dinCloud solutions. Why purchase costly IT hardware and then spend even more precious dollars on its maintenance when a service provider like dinCloud does all this for you at a fraction of the cost.

At dinCloud, we not only maintain our global data centers, we also constantly upgrade them so that they’re in line with the latest technology trends. In this way, your non profit will always avail the latest technology to support its operations.



As a non-profit, your possibilities of leveraging dinCloud’s services are limitless. Being a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we can even tailor our solutions and services to suit your unique organizational needs.

We will help you attain unrivalled flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency through our wide range of cloud services. If you’re a non-profit that’s looking for a cost effective access to the best IT infrastructure, then look no further than dinCloud.