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Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are the backbone of any economy. This sector is also instrumental in creating new job opportunities. However, SMBs have to contend with many challenges along their path to becoming a truly successful large scale business.

How Can SMBs Truly Benefit from Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Perhaps a major constraint for SMBs in their infancy is finances. Not many people are interested to bet on a business model or idea whose response is yet to be seen. So, SMBs need a productivity platform that is not capital intensive.

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The other important limiting factor is lack of in house IT expertise. With the exception of few IT based startups, most businesses have to hire IT related human resources. This is a tough job when many people in the initial stages are already wearing multiple hats.

The Solution – Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS is nothing short of a true life saver for small and medium sized businesses. A secure and reliable DaaS offering, such as dinHVD by Leading Cloud Provider dinCloud can unlock a whole new stream of opportunities for budding enterprises.

The Solution – Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Let’s highlight a few specific aspects where a DaaS Solution like dinHVD can benefit Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).


dinHVD is a flexible DaaS offering by dinCloud. Employees can access their Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops from the office, home or during travel.  This accessibility is available across multiple device platforms such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

With dinHVD by their side, SMBs no longer have to worry about hefty IT expenses upfront. Due to the inherent security of DaaS, employees may also go for bring your own device (BYOD) sort of arrangements.

Positive First Impression

For struggling SMBs, leaving a good first impression on prospective clients is absolutely crucial. With a state of the art technology platform like DaaS, it becomes very easy and intuitive to engage with clients at a time and place of their choice.

Say you have to give a presentation at a client’s location and they want you to use their hardware. You can easily and securely access your dinHVD even from a client’s hardware, without worrying the least bit about your intellectual property.

Prolonged Life of IT Hardware

IT hardware becomes obsolete really fast and in most cases, well before you have derived the intended value. The greatest advantage of a DaaS solution like dinHVD is that it prolongs the service life of your IT hardware.

dinHVDs utilize the computing resources of dinCloud’s powerful global data centers. This can translate into a lot of saving for SMBs and the spare financial resources can be channelized to more value generating opportunities.

Peace of Mind

A DaaS solution like dinHVD is fully managed at the back end by the Cloud Service Provider, which in this case would be dinCloud. This is extremely helpful for SMBs whose core line of business is not related to IT.

Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

A quality DaaS provider like dinCloud offers BC and DR built into the overall offering. This can result in a competitive edge for SMBs in adverse circumstances. Take the example of a disruptive event like a flood.

Even if your employees can’t show up at the workplace, they can still remain fully productive remotely, thanks to DaaS. Cloud providers like dinCloud have multiple, physically dispersed but highly connected data centers.

As soon as one of the data centers is unable to serve customers due to some calamity, the workloads are immediately shifted to the other nearest data canter. In this way, you have a BC and DR mechanism built into the solution, saving valuable resources.

The data you store over a DaaS offering like dinHVD is regularly backed up by dinCloud and kept at multiple, physically dispersed locations. In the event of data loss, the backup can get you up and running instantly. This is yet another advantage of DaaS for SMBs.

No IT Management Required

A DaaS offering like dinHVD is an all encompassing solution that simultaneously houses your data, processes and applications within a unified platform. That’s not all, the management and integration of these components is also looked after by dinCloud.

With the IT management bit taken care of, SMBs can focus on core areas of business, without worrying about the intricacies of background processes. By using DaaS, small to medium businesses don’t need an in house IT department.

Cost Efficiencies

A DaaS solution such as dinHVD can save costs in many ways. Firstly, no upfront capital expenditures (CapEx) are required for setup. Secondly, in a DaaS offering, you pay only for the computing resources that are actually used.

dinHVDs are ideal for supporting a workforce remotely. SMBs can save tons of money on financial commitments such as rent for the workplace, as most employees would be working remotely over their cloud hosted virtual desktops.


DaaS is nothing short of a blessing for small and medium sized businesses. This by no means implies that DaaS is not a viable option for large enterprises. Still, SMBs can truly carve a competitive edge by leveraging the capabilities of a high quality DaaS offering like dinHVD.

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