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The very office or home building in which you may find yourself right now is an architectural endeavor. Given that not all structures are a work of art, but at some point in time, the technology used in them may have been cutting edge for the time.

How Cloud Computing Drives Innovations in Architecture?

Like many other fields around us, architecture is evolving at a very rapid pace. The modern architecture is not only pleasing to the human eye, it also fulfills many other requisites of modern day construction that include design to the very construction itself.

However, it all starts with a broad vision of an architectural masterpiece. Envisioning something big in your mind and executing it successfully are two very different things. Few people have been able to deliver on the latter in flying colors.

Modern Architecture and Computing

One of the major breakthroughs in architecture has been the introduction of computing. The latest techniques such as 3D modelling and specialized architectural software have enabled architects to take design and construction to a whole new level.

However, this is a very processing intensive task for which you need high end computers and architectural software. As you delve into the details of your architectural design, you may quickly realize that you have touched the limits of your existing hardware.

So, what you are left with is a never ending vicious circle of constantly upgrading your hardware that can support a complex architectural design and the process of constantly tweaking that design.

The Cloud – A Near Limitless Resource

With the limitless power of Cloud Computing, you have access to some of the most cutting edge IT hardware for specialized architectural workloads. To plan, execute and monitor complex as well as large projects, you need massive graphics and processing muscle.

Sooner or later, you will realize it just does not make sense to keep pouring precious dollars on constantly up-grading your personal workstation. The alternative in that case comes in the form of Cloud Computing, where you have ready access to scalable IT resources.

dinCloud and Architectural Workloads

As a leading provider of cutting edge cloud solutions, dinCloud offers a wide portfolio of Cloud Hosted Workstations that have been purpose built for architectural workloads. Our multi-core Virtual Desktops have been coupled with ultra powerful graphics processing.

Our Cloud Hosted Workstations are capable of handling some of the most powerful architectural workloads in the Cloud. The great bit is, you get to scale your cloud resources purely on the basis of the complexity of a project at hand, or its relative stages.

In this way, you are firstly not committing yourself to very heavy sunk costs in the form of procuring physical workstations. Secondly, you can optimize resource utilization via the Cloud, as dinCloud will bill you only for the resources you actually use.

Ease of Collaboration Over the Cloud

Architecture is something that can’t be done effectively in vacuum. A certain design may be very pleasing to the eye but may pose structural or administrative challenges elsewhere. This is where the role of constant collaboration is critical in construction projects.

Cloud makes collaboration among various teams a breeze. An architect’s designs can instantly be analyzed and reviewed by an expert in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems (HVAC).

Tweaking the designs from every aspect will be a constant, seamless and cost efficient process over the Cloud and the project is quite likely to remain on schedule. Designing and constructing a sound structure is just one part of the bigger picture.

Monitoring Structures and Data Driven Innovation

By leveraging the power, ease and economy of the Cloud, the role of architects can be further extended to include the post construction phases as well. Monitoring a structure after its completion can reveal very useful insights for the future.

The Cloud offers an easy and affordable means to store key architectural data over the lifespan of a building or structure. The in-depth analysis of this data, which is also carried over the Cloud, will reveal ways to further enhance a structure’s strength and lifespan.


It appears that cloud powered solutions are becoming indispensable for architects due to a number of reasons. Feel free to Contact dinCloud for our Cloud Hosted Virtual Workstations that have been purpose built for professional architects and builders.