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Not long ago, the internet merely used to be a source of gathering information, and that too was not considered highly accurate. With a global “overload” of information, it often became difficult for people to find the info they were actually looking for.

However, the internet has now become a “larger than life” phenomenon. The internet is now serving as a gateway or portal for a lot of different things. Now, it is a source of information, entertainment, knowledge, computing and processing.

How are Cloud Computing and the Internet Re-Shaping Our Future?

The internet has assumed such a central role in today’s digital technologies that a lot of them actually revolve around the internet. The internet has started acting as the key enabler for a lot of things that are taking place across the world.

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However, it is due to digital technologies like Cloud Computing that the Internet has transformed into the powerful medium that it is today. In this post, we will discuss how Cloud Computing is re-shaping the future of the internet.

What is Cloud Computing?

The Cloud is home to a lot of different capabilities and technologies. The underlying concept though remains the same, which we will cover in this post. Cloud Computing delivers centralized storage, compute and / or processing etc. through the internet.

In other words, the internet acts as the “vehicle” that delivers the above capabilities to various business enterprises as well as the masses. The different Cloud Service Providers (CSP) charge a usage fee to the “consumers” of these services in a variety of ways.

Role of the Internet in Cloud Computing

It would not be an overstatement to say that the internet plays an instrumental role in Cloud Computing services. Although there are a lot of intricate software, applications and processes that run in the background, it is the internet that actually delivers them.
In that context, both Cloud Computing and the Internet are complementary technologies in a lot of ways. In the present day and age, the Cloud has become such an indispensable asset for enterprises that the Cloud is now driving many innovations within the internet.

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Access to Vast Storage Resources

When we talk of individual enterprises, even the big corporations, they have limited on-site or on-premise storage capabilities. This is because developing this capability in-house warrants a lot of financial, administrative and human resources.

Secondly, this is an ongoing process, as it requires constant resources for its maintenance, upgrade and optimal performance. A certain stage comes, even for the resourceful enterprises, when it just stops making business sense to invest in on-site storage.

This is where the immense storage muscle of Cloud Computing comes into the picture. However, it is pertinent to ask that how will an enterprise transfer terabytes of sensitive and important data from its on-premise resources to the Cloud.

Well, the answer to this issue lies in the Internet, which is now capable of transmitting data at astronomical proportions, and that too in a very secure manner. With a super fast internet at their disposal, the to and fro movement of data is no more a worry.

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Improved Performance

As the role of Cloud Computing solutions and services increases with every passing day, it is quite natural for the Internet to catch up. It is because the internet is the primary “vehicle” that transmits data, information and processes to and from cloud infrastructures.

It is for these very reasons that leading information and communications companies are investing billions of dollars to keep the global internet infrastructure up to speed. This super fast internet is then enabling leading Cloud Providers to deliver stellar services with ease.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem

Now, we find ourselves in the era of smart devices. Whether its our watches, homes, offices, cars or countless other items of daily use, they are all becoming “smart” devices that are constantly generating, transmitting and even processing data.

When these individual smart devices become a part of the whole interconnected universe, it is rightly called the “Internet of Things or IoT”. We are right now living in the IoT revolution, which also brings along its data related challenges.

Just like Cloud Computing, the IoT ecosystem is also being powered largely by the internet. It is for this very reason that we are seeing investments of billions of dollars in rapid communication technologies like 5G.

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However, the backbone of this current IoT ecosystem will be the internet, which will ultimately pave the way for fully smart towns, communities and even entire smart cities. This will usher in a whole new era of convenience and efficiency among the masses.


Leading technologies like the Internet, coupled with supplementary digital technologies like Cloud Computing are truly impacting the lives of billions of people across the globe, and for the better. The internet will continue to remain at the forefront of this innovation.

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