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A recent outage in 2018, the internet was abuzz with the latest cloud outage. Thanks to an issue with the Google Cloud Engine, users of Snapchat, Spotify, Pokemon Go and several other popular applications were unable to access their accounts or even support for updates. The outage only lasted for an hour, but it was enough to bring up the question of the reliability of the cloud when even “the big guys” go down.

Google Cloud Outage Brings Down Snapchat Spotify – DinCloud


google cloud failed for one hour many applications suffered – DinCloud

The truth is, no cloud provider (or really, service providers of any kind, even on-premise systems) can promise 100% uptime. But there are some things you can do to help ensure that you have the right partner to help you with your cloud services.


When your system does go down, how quickly does your provider respond and support you and your staff to get your systems back up and running? How transparent are they with the detail of what has caused the outage, what they are doing to resolve the issue and when they think the problem will be fixed? How quickly do they get the systems back up and running?

The big guys have built phenomenal innovative services – which has, in turn, led to a large number of customers. And sometimes, this means you become just another number and not a valued customer. A reliable alternative could be a provider like dinCloud who provides personalized support to every customer, regardless of their size. With dinCloud, your business is more than just a number – and we strive to make every customer feel like they are number 1.


While outages are a bit different from cyber attacks, some outages can be caused by the malicious efforts of malware and ransomware. Clarify with your provider what security protocols they have in place to protect their solutions – and by default, yours. dinCloud deploys several layers of security, both physical and virtual, and meets compliance standards such as HIPPA, NIST800-53/FISMA and ISO 27001.

Service Level Agreement

Every cloud service provider should provide a service level agreement, where they disclose the reliability of their services and the average uptime. For example, dinCloud has a 99.95% uptime history. By partnering with a provider with a better track record can save you time, money and headaches.

Why dinCloud?

dinCloud was “born-in-the-cloud,” and our philosophy is centered on security and transparency. Andrew Walsh, Director of Operations for Avitar Solutions stated, “One of the reasons we like dinCloud so much is the flexibility to customize a solution that best fits our customers’ needs. They’re also more focused on their partners and customers than bigger companies like Amazon. Their personal touch, constant contact and the overall capabilities of the dinCloud environment to be customized to fit our needs really make them shine in comparison to other vendors we’ve encountered.

We work to make every customer feel valued. Learn more about how you can ensure maximum uptime while reducing costs and anxiety in your cloud solutions.