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Technologies now are evolving at a very rapid pace. This means a lot to us, as we are the end users of such innovative technologies on a daily basis. During this evolution process, we at times also witness the emergence of a whole new piece of technology.

Emerging Technologies from the Trends Impact Radar 2021

Some of these technologies have an impact that’s deep enough to become a part of our day to day matters. When this happens, not only do such advancements make our life easier but go another step ahead and impact millions of others like us.

To encourage this evolution process and help people keep track of the latest developments about tech, Gartner conducts a study called Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar. The last twelve to fourteen months have been very eventful in terms of tech.

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How Does the Trends Impact Radar Work?

Well, this radar or study as you may call it, takes two key factors into account regarding various emerging technologies. First and most important element is the tentative timeframe in which that tech would have made its place among the masses.

The other more important factor is that once this technology becomes a mainstream trend, how far and wide will its impact be felt. This impact may extend to either our personal lives or even business processes.

In this post, we will highlight some for the most notable emerging trends in the tech sector and how they will impact our lives as well.

Advanced Virtual Assistants (AVAs)

Do not confuse this emerging technology with the “assistant” that you use all around the house and it even talks back to what you may have said. These AVAs will be capable of processing human inputs and also deliver predictions and decisions.

Their user interface is conversational, with value added capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP), deep learning techniques as well as prediction models. AVAs will empower the end users via decision support and personalization.

It is estimated that the time to market for this technology ranges anywhere between one to three years. Once in full swing, AVAs are expected to have a major impact on both our personal and professional lives.

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Advanced Language Models

These are also referred to as Transformer based language models. These are backed by deep neural networks (DNN) that are not only capable of picking up what you may be saying, but also have the ability to understand the underlying context.

Such technologies, once implemented, will make translation, transcription and natural language selection a whole lot easier. The estimated time to market of this technology is also anywhere between one to three years.

Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud

This technology is aimed at removing the barriers that traditionally exist between the digital and physical worlds. The content delivered via AR cloud will be persistent and have digital as well as contextual relevance with the end users.

AR cloud will transform how we interact with technology on a daily basis. When this technology finally takes shape, it will guide us in real time during travel, making appointments or planning a bus trip etc.

The tentative timeline for AR cloud to assume tangible state is around six to eight years. This relatively longer timeline for this technology is due to its own development, as well as the underlying infrastructure that will support this revolutionary development.

AR cloud will need an elaborate support infrastructure that includes high speed edge connectivity, large bandwidth and low latency communication. When these individual building blocks will come together, only then would AR cloud deliver its potential.

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The Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar by Gartner gives us useful insights about what’s coming towards us in terms of tech. When we analyze most of the emerging technologies, we observe that the Cloud has some sort of role to play.

It is Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud that provide the enabling environment for innovative technologies to establish a foothold among the masses. The cloud eliminates a lot of entry barriers typically associated with proliferating emerging technologies.

Contact dinCloud for a reliable and cost efficient cloud ecosystem that can serve your existing as well as upcoming tech needs in the future.