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Here’s a sad fact – if you are wondering who the next hacking target is – it’s probably you. The most recent survey by CyberEdge Group published by DarkReading states that 52% of security professionals believed they would be hacked in the next 12 months.

Image #1:   52% of security professionals believe they will be target of hacks in the next 12 months.

The report went on to say that 67% were disillusioned with traditional endpoint security.

What if we’re Getting Hacked and Endpoint Security Can’t Cut It?

What is the solution then?

The solution is to proactively identify, quantify and mitigate:

  • IDENTIFY the sources of these attacks
  • QUANTIFY when these sources try to penetrate your environment
  • MITIGATE these attacks BEFORE they cause damage

Doing this requires a coordinated effort between technology, architecture and personnel. You need to choose the right technology that can IDENTIFY the source of attacks. The architecture needs to be constructed to insure that the threats areQUANTIFIED to all resources. Lastly, personnel needs to be up to speed on how to utilize the information provided by such tools to MITIGATE the attacks.

dinCloud and ThreatSTOP – Securely in the Cloud

Security should not be hypothetical. It should be purchased, deployed and managed by teams that live/breathe the topic.

And that is exactly what exists in the dinCloud/ThreatSTOP partnership.

dinCloud is the premier security cloud infrastructure provider, with 13 mechanisms of security for the deployment of enterprise infrastructure – desktops, servers and security.

ThreatSTOP is the premier proactive identifier and mitigator of malware and bots in the industry.   TheatSTOP identifies the sources, thus enabling the enterprise to associate the bots to the parties implementing these attacks (Ref:  ACH Fraud Case).

The combination of dinCloud’s ability to provision and manage infrastructures in the cloud and ThreatSTOP’s proactive security tool is unbeatable. All traffic to dinCloud’s resources – both Internal and Customer resources – is proactively scanned by the ThreatSTOP tool (See image #2).

Image #2:  dinCloud deploys ThreatSTOP as a proactive tool for identifying and mitigating Trojans/bots before they cause damage to dinCloud and customer resources.

Threatstop Architecture

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