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The New Jersey Institute of Technology collated a set of surveys conducted in 2014 to create a very informative piece entitled the Security of Cloud Services.   NJIT’S work collated a set of surveys by KPMG, Goldman Sachs, IEEE and others.

One of the key infographics of the report is a set of parameters on “Key Challenges of Cloud Adoption  (See image #1)

cloud adoption

#1:  The New Jersey Institute of Technology  collated a set of reports for their their Online Masters in Computer Services.

How dinCloud Addresses Key Challenges

The focus of dinCloud has been to create a Cloud that meets not only the flexibility and cost concerns of the cloud – but also the security and integrity challenges as well.

Look at the chart below – to help you understand the differentiators and benefits of the dinCloud offering:

Key Cloud Challenge
Concern %
How dinCloud Addresses
Cost of Transition /Integration 33% Transitioning to the Cloud has never been easier with dinCloud’s vast amount of tools for moving existing physical & virtual servers, firewalls, load balancers, storage, backup & more the Cloud.  dinManage, our superior answer to OpenStack and other convoluted platforms begins your adventure into the Cloud via a FREE account.
Integration w/ existing architecture 31% dinTransport offers private MPLS and public p2p VPN connections to your onsite infrastructure.  With no data transfer fees, leveraging unlimited access to move resources between onsite/Cloud has never been easier.
Data Loss and privacy Risks 30% dinSecurity includes FREE snapshots of everything you have in the Cloud every 24hrs for 10 days automatically.  Along with FREE IP Reputation (IPR), low cost Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS), FEE anti-malware & anti-virus software, and FREE AES256 encryption for virtual servers, virtual desktops and virtual cloud storage while tied to YOUR Microsoft Active directory security controls means you can meet any security schema or regulatory concern with ease.  We can also offer dedicated infrastructure, colo hosting, and more.
Loss of Controls 30% Each cloud is owned and operating with full access and control only available to the customer.  While OpenStack and other Cloud platforms have “a leg up” in your environment, dinCloud has been engineered as a fully encrypted “hands off” isolated, secure, per-customer environment which even our admins cannot breach.
Lack of visibility into future demand 26% The key to the dinCloud system is the dual ability to scale all key components: storage, server and desktops and to monitor the growth and demand of any customer environment.  It’s why financial, legal, healthcare, technology, advertising, services, and manufacturing verticals trust us.  dinCloud has one of if not THE fastest infrastructure with the most up-time/availability in the world.
Lack of standard between cloud providers 26% dinCloud has full support of all the relevant standards being used today in the industry including full white label customization, API integration, and tools to migrate between Clouds easily.
General Security Risk 26% With over 40 market leading differentiators vs. the big brand Clouds, dinCloud is able to meet any regulatory or private security schema desired by our clients.
Risk of Intellectual Property Theft 21% Because each private cloud is encrypted, the threat of intellectual property theft is reduced in the dinCloud environment.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance 18% dinCloud is house in SSAE 16-TYPE 2 compliant datacenter with full authentication, auditing and replication facilities meeting virtually all regulatory guidelines.
Transparency of operational controls and data 18% dinCloud created its orchestration tool, dinManage for the purpose of enabling its customers full control of the network, storage, server and desktops in each virtual private cloud.
Contact us – and we’ll give you demo! 18% All the best!    Cloud on!

For more information on our Cloud Solutions, please visit our Products page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.