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The pandemic related transition to remote work has been a bumpy ride for many enterprises. The main reason behind this is that most organizations were not prepared for such a mass scale move towards remote work, on such short notice.

dinCloud Solutions – The Perfect Enabler of Work from Home and BYOD Initiatives

The challenge of setting up a fully remote workforce was further complicated by the unprecedented surge in cyber attacks. This opened up a whole new set of potential problems for IT decision makers, especially in the context of remote work.

Remote Work – The Norm Rather Than Exception

According to a recent survey that was quoted by FOX Business, every 2 out of 3 Americans are even willing to accept a cut in their pay, in return for being allowed to work remotely full time. This makes up nearly 65% of the people that work remotely in the US alone.

While a lot of companies would be more than happy to accept this offer, things are not as simple when it comes to the IT operations side. A full time remote workforce is enough to give sleepless nights to the already stressed out IT teams.

Challenges of Work from Home (WFH)

Even if an enterprise has the financial muscle to give all its remote employees personal devices, it still does not solve cyber security related risks. The majority of remote employees use poorly secured personal devices and Wi-Fi connections.

In cases where remote employees are using company issued devices, they still have a tendency to install insecure software and applications, posing risks to enterprise data that is accessed through such compromised devices.

The Solution – dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops

One solution that has the answer to all your remote work related woes is dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). With a quality remote work platform like dinHVD, all your remote employees get a uniform remote work and productivity environment.

Strong Data Privacy and Protection

In the case of remote employees, it becomes very difficult to draw the line between organizational and personal data that is stored over the same device. With a cloud solution like dinHVD though, none of your enterprise data will be stored over employee devices.

Instead, all your enterprise data will be stored within one of dinCloud’s secure data centers that have multiple layers of security built in. Using their personal or official devices, your remote employees will have seamless access to all the data and tools they need.

Launch BYOD Initiatives with Ease

In a bid to save costs and reduce operational complexities, enterprises are always looking to simplify IT operations. A remote work solution like dinHVD is the perfect starting point for you to launch Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives across your organization.

By doing so, you will be reducing the Capital Expenditures (CapEx) associated with constantly purchasing and maintaining employee devices. Instead, remote employees will have the freedom to use even their personal devices for getting things done.

The biggest challenge with BYOD initiatives is related to privacy and protection of enterprise data. In the case of dinCloud’s Hosted Desktops, no enterprise data will be stored on individual employee devices, so you don’t risk its loss, misuse or theft.

Endpoint Protection with Sophos Intercept X

At dinCloud, the envelope of protection does not stop just at our cloud infrastructure. We offer Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers, which is a world renowned and proactive cyber security solution to keep the devices of remote employees safe.

Barracuda Content Shield – An Extra Layer of Security

Another challenge you face in the case of remote employees is unsafe web browsing practices. An un-suspecting employee may stumble upon a suspicious link while browsing and end up introducing malware or ransomware into the device or the corporate network.

For this, dinCloud offers Barracuda Content Shield, which is a dedicated solution to make the web browsing activity of your remote employees both safe and productive. This is an extra layer of security you can avail by adopting dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops.


Whether you view dinCloud’s remote work solutions from the standpoint of security, privacy, cost efficiency or ease of management, the answer is a big YES. Lastly, our Cloud Hosted Desktops are equally effective the day you decide to resume work from office.

Contact dinCloud for reliable and secure remote work solutions for your enterprise needs. Why not go for a Test Drive by taking our 14 Day Free Trial!