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Over the past few years, entertainment has evolved into a multi billion dollar industry. We are constantly witnessing a rise in the use of modern technologies to produce high quality entertainment material globally.

Take the example of special effects and animations that have become mainstream just over the past few years. Now, you will find very few entertainment projects without the use of modern digital technologies.

In this post, we will highlight some ways in which organizations belonging to the entertainment industry can greatly benefit from dinCloud solutions.

Access to Limitless Storage Capacity with dinServers

Entertainment projects are quite resource intensive by their very nature. Add on the element of special effects or animations and even a single project can span over many terabytes of data.

Entertainment houses typically lack the in-house storage associated with large projects. There may even be multiple projects in the pipeline, further enhancing the need for storage space. This is exactly where dinCloud solutions come into play.

With dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Servers, you can avail nearly limitless storage at a fraction of the cost as compared to in-house storage solutions. The great part is that you can scale your needs up or down in real-time, resulting in optimal utilization of resources.

The great part of dinCloud’s storage solutions is that you pay only for the storage resources you actually consume. So, as a producer of entertaining content, you will not only have access to a limitless pool of storage, you will also pay only for what you will actually use.

Use Powerful dinHVDs for Graphics and Animations

In the entertainment industry, special effects are rapidly becoming mainstream and their use is constantly on the rise. To incorporate special effects within your digital content, you need very powerful systems capable of handling graphics related workloads.

These PCs are firstly very costly to procure in-house. Secondly, the technology in the entertainment industry changes so rapidly that despite investing huge sums of money, the tech you procure becomes obsolete in no time.

Hence, the solution to this rapid rate of obsolescence lies in super powerful dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVDs). You can equip our dinHVDs with super powerful GPUs that are fully capable of handling even the most resource intensive workloads.

By employing dinHVDs, you will be able to produce highest quality entertaining content at a fraction of the cost you would normally incur over on-premise systems. dinCloud’s powerful Hosted Virtual Desktops are also highly suitable for 3D rendering and similar workloads.

Host Your Entertainment Content Over dinCloud Databases

By now, you must be familiar with the business model of Netflix. They offer cloud based streaming of entertainment content for a subscription fee. So, if you already have a good repository of entertaining content, all you need is a cloud provider like dinCloud.

By hosting your content over dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Databases, you can make your entertainment content available to a global audience against a subscription fee. Your subscribers will be able to access your content hosted over dinCloud’s infrastructure.

Outsource Your Entertainment Content Globally

A major pain point in the entertainment industry is theft of intellectual property. You cannot simply trust everyone, but you also need the help of experts and professionals such as graphics designers or animators.

This is where the secure and protected cloud infrastructure of dinCloud comes into play. You can assign various tasks to some of the best professionals in the entertainment industry in a highly controlled environment.

All you’ll have to do is give them regulated access to your entertainment material hosted over dinCloud’s infrastructure. These experts will in turn perform their share of assigned tasks, but all this will take place in a very controlled and secure environment.

By leveraging dinCloud’s solutions, your entertainment house will not only be able to produce the highest quality content, but will never risk losing its intellectual property to some outsider. Needless to say that all this will be accomplished with minimal costs.

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With a reliable and capable Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud to cover your entertainment house technologically, you can focus solely on what matters the most, producing highest quality and entertaining content for your target audience.

If you have any further clarifications about how dinCloud’s solutions can serve your needs, feel free to Contact Us and one of our cloud specialists will be there to assist you.