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Once an organization decides to make a transition towards the cloud, the search for the most suitable Cloud Service Provider (CSP) begins. Today’s cloud computing market is fairly matured with a large pool of cloud providers to choose from.

Aws Vs Vmware Vs Dincloud Hosted Workspaces


When transitioning to the cloud, the foremost questions every deploying entity must ask itself is, what will be the nature and extent of adopting cloud computing. The two main courses of action include.

Complete Transition

In this model, the entity deploying a cloud solution will completely abandon its existing infrastructure in favor of a cloud powered solution. While this approach is drastic, it poses the least amount of integration related bottlenecks.

Partial / Hybrid Model

If a cloud deploying entity decides in favor of this option, it will segregate its existing IT infrastructure in a way that some processes run on the in house architecture, while others will be outsourced to a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

Here are some key reasons most deploying entities opt in favor of the hybrid approach to cloud deployment, even if they ultimately end up completely adopting the cloud.


Over time, many organizational processes gradually evolve, resulting in a very complex infrastructure. Operational complexity at times necessitates the hybrid approach.


At times, the deploying entity simply does not feel at ease with entrusting its data to an external entity, the cloud provider in this case.


In certain cases, regulatory compliance limits the ability of a deploying organization to place its data of sensitive or personal nature over the public cloud.

Now, let’s cover some of the major players in the cloud solutions industry and highlight their pros and cons from the perspective of an end user or cloud tenant.

Amazon Web Services – AWS

AWS enjoys the obvious advantage of being pioneer of the public cloud, but that’s not all. One more trick that AWS has up its sleeve is the level of freedom it allows to developers of the deploying entities to manage or orchestrate their virtualization solution.

However, the AWS cloud model is more favorable to entities that are either fresh startups or ones that are completely abandoning their existing architecture in favor of the cloud. There is a major limitation of AWS cloud infrastructure though.

AWS public cloud architecture is not suited for organizations that are either deploying a hybrid cloud model or integrating their existing IT infrastructure with AWS public cloud, as there are lot of challenges related to integration.

Therefore, despite being a large public cloud provider, AWS loses its charm for the above two deployment models, which make up bulk of the transition towards some sort of cloud based solution or service.


This is another heavy weight in the realm of cloud powered services and solutions. In theory, VMware architecture is highly supportive of integrating your existing IT infrastructure with its public cloud offerings.

However, the configuration and security part of such a solution becomes a daunting challenge as VMware architectural design does not allow the level of freedom available to application developers as the likes of AWS.

In the case of VMware, although the integration of your existing infrastructure is a seamless affair, the management of virtualized applications is not that conducive due to the little room for maneuverability that is allowed to enterprise level developers.

dinCloud – The Most Versatile Cloud Provider

While we have covered some notable limitations of other Cloud Service Providers (CSP), it’s time we highlight some major competitive advantages that dinCloud enjoys among the best service providers in the cloud industry.


Organizations that are partially transitioning to the cloud or want to integrate their existing virtualized architecture into a public cloud provider find dinCloud as a great solution, due to the high level of customizability at their disposal.

Being a vendor agnostic cloud provider, dinCloud has some of the best range when it comes to customizing a base level cloud architecture. The highly professional team of cloud professionals at dinCloud will seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure and data.

Global Coverage

Most entities that transition to the cloud have global scale operations as one of the key factors behind such a move. If you have a fully operational cloud architecture, you can virtually sustain operations at a global scale, which is dinCloud’s forte.

dinCloud has a strategically placed global footprint of data centers that are more than capable to sustain global scale operations and a fully remote workforce. This means that once you transition to dinCloud’s infrastructure, you don’t need to look any further.

Data Security

Security is a highly sensitive issue for public cloud providers and a key decision factor when selecting a cloud provider. It is partly because of sensitive organizational data and partly due to the stringent regulations around data security.

dinCloud has an impeccable track record in data security that revolves around both physical and cyber security of its data centers. This means that once you entrust your valuable data to dinCloud, you can be sure that it’s in safe hands.

An all encompassing approach to security is ensured by dinCloud through virtual firewalls, intrusion detection, malware protection, multi factor user authentication and strong end to end encryption protocols.

Security Certifications

When it comes to security of your valuable data, don’t just take our word for it. The global data centers of dinCloud are fully compliant with international, third party security standards, ensuring a fool proof security of your data and applications.

dinCloud’s data centers comply with HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53/FI, PCI DSS, SOC Type I and II, SS 507, SS 567 and TVRA international standards. This means that once you entrust your data to us, you will not face any compliance related issues from regulators.

Integration of Applications

This is yet another area where most cloud service providers fall short of that they promise to customers. At dinCloud, you will be able to avail fully virtualized enterprise grade productivity apps that are seamlessly integrated with our cloud hosted solutions.

Productivity apps at dinCloud are fully licensed and patched on an ongoing basis to plug any imminent vulnerabilities. These seamlessly integrated productivity apps ensure an unrivaled remote productivity environment over our cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Orchestration with dinManage

This is yet another area where dinCloud truly shines. Most cloud service providers give little to zero room to their cloud users when it comes to managing their cloud infrastructure. At dinCloud, we fully empower you through our dinManage application.

dinManage is our web based cloud orchestration portal that enables you to manage all key aspects of your cloud infrastructure. This intuitive application enables you to scale, manage user access and handle other aspects of our cloud solution from a unified portal.

Industry Beating Pricing

Being a leading cloud provider, dinCloud is fully aware of the pricing related issues most cloud users face. Ironically, some elements of pricing are either not conveyed to users upfront or concealed in a manner that the cloud user can’t grasp them.

At dinCloud, you don’t have to worry about any such hidden costs. We offer our industry leading cloud solutions as per a flat rate pricing model, thus eliminating any room for ambiguity or confusion.

Secondly, we do not bill our valued cloud users for unwanted costs such as data migration. The end goal of this transparent pricing model is to funnel the true benefit of the cloud right down to the end user level.

dinCloud Customer Support

In cloud computing, Customer Support is a very vital part of the overall experience. dinCloud’s highly dedicated team of cloud care professionals is available to assist you 24/7/365 over email, phone or Skype.

We strongly believe in exceeding customer expectations when it comes to our cloud services and customer support. Once you transition to our world class cloud solutions, you won’t need to look elsewhere for your virtualization needs.


In this post, we have highlighted some key cloud players like AWS and VMware, to pitch them against dinCloud’s virtualized cloud hosted solutions. On many counts, dinCloud clearly emerges as a front runner to both these prominent cloud players.

Feel free to Contact Us for your virtualization needs so that we can craft the cloud solution that’s best suited to your unique needs.