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There are a number of big names in the cloud storage game these days. Microsoft, with OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and many more are competing for their share of a market that, as reported by Business Wire, is estimated to reach up to $67 Billion by 2022. The impact of cloud storage on business operations is substantial with geographically dispersed workers able to store, share, revise and sync files more quickly and easily than ever before.

With a competitive market comes a number of options for both consumers and businesses to evaluate. This article weighs the features of each to help anyone selecting an object storage service.

Comparing Cloud Storage and File Sync Products


For those who need more space, Dropbox  is a good option at $10 per TB each month. Meanwhile, OneDrive offers 50 GB per month for $2 while Box is $10 per month for 100GB.

File Size Limits

Anyone that frequently deals with large-size files knows the frustration of trying to share these files. Providers range on file size restrictions with OneDrive and Dropbox (website only) capping at 10 GB. Box has a 5GB limit for paid users and a 250 MB limit for their free plan.

Free Storage Space

A practice that’s become somewhat standard in the industry is offering a tier of free storage before users incur charges for the service. Box offers 10GB of free storage space to its users. Meanwhile, OneDrive offers a complimentary 5GB and DropBox provides 2GB.

For a more detailed comparison of the cloud service providers, see the CNET article “Which Cloud Service Provider is Right for You?” Also recommended: this comparison and review by TechRadar which weighs all the heavy hitters explored in this blog as well as some lesser-known names like Mega, Mozy and pCloud.

Cloud Storage Integration with dinCloud

Good news for dinCloud users – there is integration available for cloud storage services like the ones mentioned in this article. Contact us if you want to learn more and to find out if your current cloud storage solution can integrate with dinCloud.