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During the past eighteen months or so, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of digital transformation at the enterprise level. The initiatives that might have otherwise taken years were accomplished within a matter of few week and months.

Combining the Hybrid Cloud and AI for Speedy Digitalization

However, not every organization was well prepared and properly equipped to navigate the digital transformation journey. The most common and difficult aspect of this digitalization process is appropriately visualizing the entire journey itself.

Most enterprises falter at this very initial and most crucial stage of digitalization. Attaining a digitalization merely by improving a few processes here and there is highly unlikely to bear the fruits that you expect when embarking on this journey.

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An All-Inclusive Digital Transformation Approach

Therefore, the digitalization journey must begin with a proper visualization of this whole undertaking. Where an organization currently stands in its digitalization journey, and what it wants to achieve via this whole exercise that will consume both time and resources.

As a result, an organization will be able to come up with a roadmap of the whole journey. Once you have your objectives and end goals figured out, it is much easier to adopt the right course of action and convert plans into reality.

Secondly, any digitalization initiative must have the Customer Experience as its primary focal point. What good is such a digital transformation that does nothing to improve the way your valuable customer interacts with your product or service?

This by no means implies that rest of the stakeholders are to be ignored. The overall Employee Experiences will also play an important role in delivering the expected outcomes from such initiatives.

Lastly and most importantly, you have other key stakeholders in the form of regulators that are governing your respective industry or niche. It is super important to gauge your digital transformation initiatives in the light of the applicable rules and regulations.

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Role of the Hybrid Cloud in Digitalization

Cloud services, such as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Servers and Databases will act as a vehicle for your digitalization initiatives. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud offer highly robust, secure and instantly available resources to make all this happen.

Recent studies have shown that the Hybrid Cloud deployment model stands to deliver the best results in most use cases. This provides deploying entities with the perfect mix between fully on premise and entirely public cloud services.

A hybrid cloud infrastructure enables enterprises to achieve speedy digitalization by giving them full liberty over the workloads that are retained on premise, and the ones which are delegated to a public cloud provider like dinCloud.

With a reliable cloud service provider by your side, you are able to achieve accelerated digitalization, as the entire infrastructure and other resources are readily available for you to avail. There is no need for procuring or re-factoring hardware resources on site.

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How Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help?

The modern enterprise workloads are highly driven by vast amounts of data. However, managing this humungous volumes of data and extracting valuable business insights from this data in an entirely different ballgame.

For this, traditional analytical tools are just not adequate, or the results they generally produce are of little to no value in the most recent context. Therefore, you need real time technologies such as AI to deliver business insights right when you need them.

A real life example is a semiconductor maker, which has introduced AI powered imaging technologies in its production line. As a result, these intelligent and AI enabled devices can detect faulty or improperly finished components before they move to the next process.

By doing so, the semiconductor maker was able to streamline its manufacturing process, minimize defective items and identify faulty items well before they could hamper the downstream manufacturing or assembling processes.


Digital Transformation is no more a choice, rather it has become an absolute necessity. The sooner enterprises realize this and begin their journey, the better position will they find themselves in to serve their customers and other key stakeholders.

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