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Businesses across the globe go through all sorts of times. However, the Covid-19 pandemic was something no one saw coming until it was too late. Companies that were already on the path of digitalization also had their work cut out to a great extent.

The Cloud – A Quintessential Lifeline for Businesses

This pandemic placed restrictions not only over our movement in the form of lockdowns, it completely transformed the global business landscape. Amidst such times, businesses nonetheless have to survive and weather the storm in hopes of better times.

The Cloud – A True Savior

In the helm of these uncertain circumstances, the Cloud emerged as a true savior for thousands of businesses globally. Although Cloud Computing has been around for one and a half decade by now, its true value came to light amidst this pandemic.

Leverage the Best Hardware

Top Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud constantly invest in keeping their data centers up to speed with the latest technological trends. So, what you get as a cloud user is the best hardware that money can buy, just for a usage fee.

Ideal for WFH, BYOD and Remote Productivity

One of the crowning jewels of cloud solutions has been unrivaled capability to support Work from Home (WFH) scenarios at such a massive scale. Cloud enabled businesses to continue mission critical operations during the worst days of this pandemic.

The trend of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is constantly on the rise. BYOD initiatives are experiencing a renewed fervor, as organizations leveraging the cloud don’t have to worry about data being stored on employee devices at all.

Cloud solutions such as dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) deliver your employees seamless access to data and productivity applications, beyond organizational borders. This capability of the cloud amplifies the productivity of remote employees.

Secure and Compliant

With CSPs like dinCloud, you enjoy multi layered security built into the cloud service. Then, you have the added benefit of a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism in place due to a fully connected network of powerful data centers.

Regulatory compliance is becoming a major pain point for certain industries. The cloud has enabled enterprises to not only remain in business, but also do so without any concerns surrounding compliance with stringent data regulation standards.


If you also aspire for a digital transformation in true letter and spirit, then Cloud is the most suited and capable vehicle for achieving this goal. The great part is yet to come, you pay only for the IT resources that you actually consume, resulting in optimal utilization.

Contact dinCloud for our leading solutions that can help you transform digitally in the most cost effective and efficient manner.