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Over the past few years, the capability to virtualize desktops has been used extensively by enterprises belonging to a wide range of industries. Most of such virtualization models were setup on premise, using enterprise owned hardware.

Cloud Powered Desktop Virtualization and Why Enterprises Prefer it?

While this virtualization model did offer a host of benefits to deploying entities, they would still end up having to spend hefty sums of money on procuring and maintaining the underlying hardware for such deployments.

That is not all, enterprises that opted to virtualize on premise also had to procure the necessary skill set and human resources to pull this off. When all these incidental costs were also factored into the whole solution, it often turned out to be a costlier option.

Cloud Hosted Virtualized Desktops

Not long ago, all this was changed when Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud introduced virtualized desktops that were hosted over one of their dedicated, state of the art cloud data centers.

This deployed mode, often referred to as Cloud Hosted Desktops, opened a whole new era of virtualized desktop environments. This desktop virtualization model eliminated the need for enterprises to procure and maintain all the underlying hardware resources.

In this post, we will also highlight some of the compelling benefits of Cloud Hosted Desktops, as opposed to desktop virtualization that is performed on premise.

Management is Easy

In the case of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, the management of the whole environment is really efficient and easy. As all the underlying resources such as storage, RAM, compute and GPUs etc. are software defined, you can make changes on the fly.

Further ease of managing the whole environment is achieved, as you have centralized visibility and control over the entire deployment. This extended visibility of the whole environment makes it a whole lot easier for you to secure and manage.

Cost Savings in the Short, Mid and Long Term

Enterprises are always on the lookout for potential opportunities to reduce their fixed and operating costs. Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions such as dinWorkspaces give exactly this leverage to enterprises by offering hefty cost savings.

Firstly, the deploying enterprise does not need to procure or manage any physical IT hardware. Secondly, as all the processes run over the Cloud Service Provider’s infrastructure, you can manage with relatively obsolete and lower spec physical devices.

With a Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solution like dinHVD, you also no longer need to constantly upgrade your IT hardware every now and then, as the resources of the cloud provider are used instead of your devices, which are merely used as an interface.

Productivity is Enhanced

Cloud powered Virtual Desktops take your organizational productivity to a whole new level, as your workforce enjoys seamless access to all the data, applications and resources remotely from any location, so long as there is connectivity or the internet.

This productivity is further amplified by the fact that Cloud Desktops can readily be accessed over a wide range of endpoint devices such as tablets, laptops or desktops. Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops also do not impose operating system (OS) related constraints.

On the Fly Scalability

This is perhaps one of the most pronounced benefits of Cloud Hosted Desktops that you can leverage to your utmost benefit. With a vast and readily available infrastructure of your Cloud Service Provider (CSP), you enjoy on the fly scalability.

This capability applies both to the number of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops that you can provision, but also to the performance specifications that you may have in mind for them. This ease of scaling, without having to alter on premise hardware, is truly empowering.


In addition to the benefits listed above, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops provide multi layered and centralized security for your enterprise data. In most cases, this effective security is built into the cloud service itself.

Lastly, Cloud Desktops are highly suited for remote work scenarios, which have now become the norm rather than exception. Many industry analysts believe that this trend of remotely working employees is highly likely to continue as such.

Contact dinCloud for reliable, secure and cost efficient Cloud Hosted Virtualization solutions for your enterprise needs.