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At the technology front, things are moving way much faster than we had initially anticipated. The still raging pandemic has forced organizations to look beyond just remote work tools and go for more advanced aids such as Augmented Reality (AR).

Cloud Powered Augmented Reality (AR) – A True Game Changer

The domain of AR has progressed by leaps and bounds ever since the pandemic struck. AR is not to be confused with Virtual Reality (VR), the latter one lacking physical human interaction and leaning more towards the digital side.

Augmented Reality (AR) however, results in a completely transformative experience as it acts as an interactive bridge between the user’s real world and the digital world. The restrictions associated with the pandemic have really accelerated the growth of AR.

Rapid Growth of Augmented Reality

Most people would tend to associate AR with just a technology that makes gaming experiences more immersive. While this may be partly true, the role and scope of AR goes much beyond just gaming.

By now, AR engines are finding their way into real life use cases across a multitude of industries. Some of the most notable areas where AR is turning out to be a game changing technology include construction, training, healthcare, education and more.

According to research firm Markets and Markets, it is projected that the total size of the AR market at the global level will exceed US $72 Billion by the year 2024. AR blurs the boundaries between a user’s physical and digital worlds in the most seamless way.

In the realm of AR, you can superimpose digital information, virtual objects and tools over the physical environment of the user. The experience is so immersive for the end user that it results in an un-rivaled environment.

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Use Cases for Augmented Reality

As discussed earlier, AR is proving its true value and potential well beyond the realm of just gaming. AR is now playing a leading role in a multitude of use cases such as employee training, collaboration, distant learning and remote assistance.

Energizing AR with the Cloud

To deliver AR across the globe in the most effective and cost efficient manner, the Cloud is turning out to be the most suitable vehicle. It is an instantly scalable and highly available ecosystem that can be leveraged to deliver AR across multiple use cases.

Another core area where the Cloud really shines is making AR accessible and affordable for enterprises as well as organizations with scarce financial resources. Without the intervention of the Cloud, AR would have been reserved only for the large corporates.

The International Journal of Environmental and Science Education analyzed fifteen different studies of AR, back in the year 2016. It was found that in all of the above studies, there was a positive correlation between AR and the quality of learning experiences.

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Some of the world’s largest organizations such as automaker Mercedes Benz and USA’s NASA are leveraging AR to provide top notch and immersive training to their human talent. The Cloud is turning out to be a key enabler for the mainstreaming of AR.

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