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Cloud computing has become the pre-eminent business technology. Solutions like Desktop-as-a-Service and other cloud technologies have made a significant difference in the efficiency of a business’s processes and productivity of their employees. The power of technology has resulted in 90% of organizations using some form of cloud computing for their business.

With the explosion in businesses demanding cloud solutions to meet the needs of their businesses, there has been an influx in organizations who are offering a variety of cloud solutions to meet the demand. Terms like cloud-enabled, cloud-native, and born in the cloud are floated around, but with no clearly defined lines around the definition, confusion surrounds potential buyers on what is the best solution for their business.

Born in the cloud or cloud enabled

Techopedia Defines Cloud-Enabled vs. Born in the Cloud

According to Techopedia, “the term “born in the cloud” refers to a specific type of cloud service that does not involve legacy systems but was designed only for cloud delivery. This category of cloud services is instructive in changing how companies view reliance on cloud vendors.”

The definition for cloud-enabled is not quite so clearly stated, but Cloud Computing News says it most succinctly: “A cloud-enabled VDI solution is a legacy product that was originally designed for a traditional data center and was then plunked into the cloud.

A solution that was designed from start to finish to be delivered from the cloud has refined its ability to function as a cloud solution, and all of the challenges in providing a consistent and good user experience have been ironed out. While a cloud-enabled solution just moves the complexity of the on-premise solution to a remote data centre, taking all of the good, and bad, with it.

Why Use Yesterday’s Technology When You Can Have Today’s?

More and more users are bringing the technology they need to do their jobs better and more efficiently, often leaving IT with the challenge of how to tie these devices into the internal network and retain the security they have worked so hard to build. Instead of becoming entrenched in maintaining yesterday’s technology while trying to support employee devices, adopt today’s technology and reduce the complexity, and workload on your IT Staff.

One such technology does all of this and more. Desktop-as-a-Service from true born in the cloud service provider dinCloud was built with the efficiency of the user experience, the reduction in the complexity of IT management, and increased data security in mind. From beginning to end, dinCloud’s solution had the cloud delivery solution top of mind. We believe that true born in cloud solutions include:

  • A Fast Time-To-Value – The amount of time it should take to see value and ROI on the adoption of DaaS should be weeks, not years.
  • Scalability On-Demand – Consumers should be able to have full control and easy access to the number of desktops they need at any given time. You should have a solution that enables you to add desktops immediately and then DE provision them when they are no longer needed.
  • Highly Available – Failures happen. Natural disasters, accidents, and many other unplanned for events could take a data centre offline. But true born in the cloud providers can ensure that these events do not affect your ability to continue working.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing – Billing by the second has become the industry standard in providing cloud solutions, but this can become extremely expensive with huge fluctuating bills can cause additional complexity in forecasting your expenses.
  • Available Across The Globe – Users should be able to access their desktop regardless of their location.
  • Exceptional End-User Performance – Hosted solutions should look, feel and act like the normal desktop version, so users can not tell the difference between a version that is stored locally on the device or across the globe in a data centre.
  • Easily Supports New Use Cases – A born in the cloud solution should be able to be flexible enough to support new and emerging businesses and trends. dinCloud has successfully supported legal, financial, educational and many other industries during high impact periods such as mergers and acquisitions and much more.

Cloud native or cloud enabled

Is your Service Provider “Born in the Cloud?”

There are a lot of options out there for businesses looking to utilize the power of cloud solutions, and there is not a one size fits all solution for each unique business. But some things are non-negotiable when it comes to managing desktop solutions, and that is the security, scalability, agility, and pricing. dinCloud’s high-performance Desktop-as-a-Service solutions enable businesses to cost-effectively utilize Desktop-as-a-Service solutions while increasing security and resiliency, decreasing costs, and complexities.

Read more about how Desktop-as-a-Service can impact your business in this free whitepaper.