The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world in many different ways. With massive lockdowns still enforced in many countries, businesses are gasping for air and looking for means to somehow survive this onslaught.

Cloud Computing Shines Even Amidst Decline in IT Spending

The impact of novel Corona Virus has hardly spared any corner or industry of the world and Information Technology (IT) is no exception. Gartner, a leading research firm anticipates the global IT spending in 2020 to decline by nearly 8% as compared to 2019.

While the figure of 8% may seem insignificant to some, the impact in monetary terms is huge. This decline of nearly eight percent in global IT spending translates into $300 BN, dragging down the IT spending outlay to $3.4 Trillion in 2020.

Future Outlook and IT Spending

Most businesses invest in new projects or initiatives on the basis of an optimistic outlook for the future. If there is one thing that has been totally ruined by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s a positive outlook for the future of economies as well as businesses.

The way this crisis has engulfed the globe in a matter of weeks, even the most cautious businesses could never have planned for such a situation. As a result, Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are running for cover.

Shelving Expansion Plans

With the future outlook painting a grim picture at least for the year 2020, most CIOs and CFOs have either halted or shelved IT expansion plans. The same precious financial resources are now being funneled towards maintaining mission critical operations.

Gartner cites the overall uncertainty surrounding this pandemic as one of the main driving factors behind this shift in IT spending patterns. However, since IT itself is a vast domain, we will have to delve deeper to understand the impact of Covid-19 on each sub segment.

Cloud Services Shine Amidst Covid-19

Despite the worrisome outlook for economies in general and IT industry in particular, Gartner expects Cloud Computing and closely related services to defy this trend and exhibit record growth levels throughout 2020.

The reputed research firm expects public cloud services, like the ones offered by dinCloud, to show a remarkable growth of around 19% in 2020. Some of dinCloud’s leading solutions include cloud hosted virtual desktops (dinHVD), servers and database management.

The research giant expects cloud powered telephony services to witness a decent growth of about 9%, which is significant in these times. Cloud powered conferencing services are expected to show a strong growth of about 24% in 2020.

Promising stats and projections about cloud solutions are a huge sigh of relief for the IT industry in general and CSPs like dinCloud in particular. Most public cloud providers deserve huge applause for effectively meeting unprecedented demand in these tough times.

Factors Triggering the Growth of Cloud

Supporting a remote workforce proved to be one of the main factors driving the growth of cloud services. CSPs like dinCloud possessed both the capacity and capability to offer a secure, reliable and robust remote work solution in the form DaaS.

The other major challenge for businesses was to establish online communication and collaboration platforms where remotely working teams of professionals could coordinate their workflows. Cloud services have responded very well to this need as well.

It is rightly said that in every crisis, there also lies an opportunity for ones who are prepared to rise to the occasion. Case in point is dinCloud, a leading Cloud Service Provider with a global coverage through multiple data centers.

As the crisis deepened, dinCloud witnessed a sudden spike in demand for its industry leading Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) and DaaS solutions. The CSP had strategically positioned its assets to meet all the cloud needs of its valued customers.

The Cloud Hosted DaaS Solutions offered by dinCloud were specifically designed to support a remote workforce, thus ensuring both organizational productivity and employee safety amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


We are still in the process of coming to terms with the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. We can’t even say for sure that we have absorbed the entire impact of this crisis as information from many sectors of the economy is still being processed.

Secondly, we can’t anticipate exactly how the post reopening world would look like and whether such a more would be sustainable in the short term or otherwise. Still, cloud computing has proven its value and versatility even in these testing circumstances.

If you are also a business that is struggling to cope with the effects of Covid-19, you should seriously consider one of the industry leading cloud services offered by dinCloud for your remote work and business continuity needs.

Our robust, secure and reliable Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are a perfect answer to your remote productivity needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your unique needs so that we can craft a custom cloud based solution for you.